Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 1


July 2006



I returned from my weekend in Paris on Tuesday afternoon like the sleek leather clad dark haired feline with a dark secret travelling by train from Manchester to Lancashire. I was impatient to begin my sessions after another weekend away. Sissy Agnes was already in town waiting for my arrival. Slave Trevor was at the station and we sped away to my private home chamber. Music playing, curtains drawn tightly, candles lit. I transformed myself into Doctor Margaron for the arranged medical examination of sissified Agnes. My eyes glistened as much as the re-applied deep scarlet lip gloss. My recently tinted hair was now a deep dark ebony and as shiny as the coat of a panther. Was I convincing in my role as strict serious seductive Doctor Margaron for Agnes or was the real leather Goddess in me just craving to escape and slide into a catsuit, thigh boots and leather cloak? I decided to combine both personalities into one and gently seduced my sissified slut with sweetly spoken commands for a most intimate examination upon my bench before straddling her face with my strong firm thighs and using my bottom to smother her. Suction to Agnes's nipples, electrics applied to an already erect throbbing cock, sent Agnes into raptures.

I was home again in my den, my chamber, my secret dark place where men of all ages and all walks of life knock upon my door and crawl naked before me, lie down beneath me and bend over restrained and gagged for me.

I work quickly. A fast and furious pace for an elegant feline with a very dark side. This panther will prowl and stalk her prey. Strike fear into the innocent and lead others into another dimension where they will forget all of their responsibilities and problems in my domain.

While others in this scene just fade away I am growing stronger. I renew my strength from my slaves. Sapping their energies with my lash, my leather gloved hands, my silken voice, my powerful thighs and heaving breasts.

I am your Queen.

Bow before before, kneel and worship me in complete submission.



Madame Margi