Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 10


I am carefully organising a realistic kidnap scenario for an unsuspecting person traveling by air and road to view my home next Wednesday. My home has been for sale now for over two years. In this time I have had several people to view it. Debrah, Ray and Cameron were three of the most memorable ones. What they didn't realise when they contacted me was that I have a dark secret, because hidden within the upstairs of my house is a fully equipped chamber for confinement, humiliation, torment and punishment. Debrah found herself gagged, blindfolded and tied outstretched to a bed. She was taken outdoors on a dark cold wet evening and driven into the surrounding countryside, tied up to a tree then whipped without mercy and left shivering alone to ponder her fate! Cameron was met at the Railway Station by a large blue van. The driver with white hair and a beard asked him to look in the back of the van where I was waiting in disguise wearing black leather from head to toe and smoking a large cigar. He was quickly gagged, hooded and hog tied before being driven to my own private house and then kept there securely restrained in my torture chair, forced to inhale the smoke of my cigars while I interrogated him. On another occasion it was Ray who was kept in strict bondage within my chamber for over three hours. His struggles and muffled cries went unheeded while I laughed out loud at his pathetic cries. I finally extracted the pin numbers of his credit cards and enjoyed spending his hard earned money on more new leather outfits cigars and luxurious satin and silk lingerie!!



Already my victim for next Wednesday is viewing my website images of the several kidnaps of Debrah and downloading the videos of the bathroom scene

Here is Mr. M's message of this morning:-

Dear Madame Margi
I have found myself spell bound with regard to your members area. I am finding myself unable to control my natural urges and keep wanking over the shots of Debra on the bed. Please forgive me I require more training at you command.
I must confess the photos and videos of your slaves in a domestic environment is a big turn on compared to the traditional dungeon thing. I am now totally under your spell and can not wait for next week when I finally meet you in person. Looking forward to viewing your house and rooms especially the bedroom which I suspect you have made very comfortable for your house guests. I still do not believe the rumours they are spreading about you and I suspect you are a very soft and warm hearted person, when I get to know you next week. Not at all heartless and ruthless as people are warning me. You have being so kind to me allowing me to view your home and to get to know you better, looking forward to this Madame Margi.

He will soon discover that I am a lady who is extremely seductive and cruelly sadistic. I will have to record his enforced captivity as a warning for you all who believe that Madame Margi is an elegant charming softly spoken lady who could never hurt a fly!!!

Should any of you wish to view my house while it is for sale, please contact me by email to arrange an apointment. You will not be disappointed, only very surprised!!!!


Madame Margi