Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 11


A Meeting of 2 Mistresses - 2006/11/24

Slave Trevor has to be the luckiest of my slaves. Yesterday he drove me east into Yorkshire to meet his other Mistress. I had heard so much about her from my slave that I decided it was a about time he experienced a personal session with us both at the same time. Mistress Libertine and I hit it off like a house on fire immediately. Libertine is perfectly petite with long dark hair and deep soulful serious eyes. How I admired her strong muscular arms. All due to very serious spanking she told me!! All three of us entered her domination chamber. Trevor was stripped naked and Libertine was wearing a revealing leather top with open net tights and wonderful high heeled boots with her hair adorned by a glittering tiara. I was still smartly dressed in a new tailored trouser suit trimmed with pvc. I wanted to be a voyeur and took many photos of Mistress Libertine riding, straddling and teasing and tormenting our slave Trevor before the relentless strict severe punishment began. This was all too much for me and I made my excuses and left the chamber to dress in pvc catsuit with high heeled knee boots decorated with "M" for Margi!! I had brought my red crop along, leather gauntlets and long leather coat. I knocked upon the chamber door to find Trevor bent over the punishment chair, his bottom pushed well out and already red raw smelling very strongly of winter green! Mistress Libertine's face was a picture to behold. Her dark eyes flashed and a smile curled from her ruby red lips when she was me enter clad in pvc and leather. I meant business and my intention was to give Trevor the session of his life which he would not forget in a hurry.


After securing him into the pillory, pouring hot candle wax down his back and into his bottom it was time to torment him to the maximum. I spied a wonderful huge black strap on cock with red latex harness and asked Mistress Libertine to help me into it. I fastened her into another huge black phallus with strong leather straps. Double trouble for Trevor was waiting behind his vunerable broken body! We released him from the pillory and while I commanded him to suck upon my cock, Libertine assisted in pushing his bottom forwards with the sharp heels of her boots. She had cruelly clamped his tender sack with large clothes pegs and now she tied it up with rope and pulled on it. As he polished my boots and sucked upon my phallus she sat upon his back and pinched and pulled at his nipples with her sharp fingernails. How Trevor howled in agony and how we laughed together. I ordered Trevor to lie down on his back and crouched above his face and dug my own scarlet painted sharp nails into his nipples. This made him call us the most bizarre of names and I am sure I even heard him swear! Libertine was now concentrating on his derriere while I was using him as my face cushion. Libertine was in a frenzy of excitement so I sat back and let her have her way with him. She sat upon his chest and forced her large black cock deeply into his throat after putting a ridiculous long black curly wig onto his head which made him look like the cock sucking slut he really was. I took a short video of this and some photos. How sexy and sadistic Mistress Libertine looked as she used his mouth and then lay back and sat upon his roped up genitals with her cock pointing skywards. Now it was my turn and I clamped his head between my thighs while holding down his struggling arms and forced my own cock deeply into his screaming throat.  How we laughed together.




What a wonderful time with Mistress Libertine. She then took us all out for a supper of steak and chips washed down with red wine for me, water for Libertine and a pint of beer for a very thirsty slave Trevor!

Thank you my new friend Mistress Libertine and slave Trevor for an exceptional unusual evening. I cannot wait for our next meeting!


Madame Margi