Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 12



My Diary from Paris – dimanche trois Décembre

A wet and windy start to my bon weekend in Paris ensured that I re-charged my batteries by relaxing to music, sleeping till late and practising golf when the weather cleared to reveal clear blue skies this afternoon. Shopping and sightseeing is planned for tomorrow morning and I intend to follow the Davinci trail including le Louvre. Which of my French Slaves will recognise me as I stroll by the river Seine? I have yet to see another tall elegant female wearing leather high heeled knee boots and leather pencil skirt with fully fashioned stockings in la rue des Champs-Elysées!!

Tomorrow evening I return to my home in Lancashire where I have only three more days remaining to personally dominate the lucky few slaves who will come to serve beneath me.  On Friday morning I leave for Edinburgh and for ten days will be whipping my way through sessions in my usual manner from a private cottage in the heart of the city. Loyal slave and companion Carolyn will be there to meet me at Waverley station, dropping to my feet holding a single red rose and kissing my boots for all to see. Simply the very best start to my next conquest in the Scottish capital  I am looking forward to meeting slaves both old and new and also to dining in the finest restaurants, walking along the river Leith and shopping in Princes Street  A visit to Hide and Sleek in Fife will be organised and on Monday 18th December I return to Paris for my festive vacation until 6th January. My slaves in Edinburgh will be the first to session with me in 2007 and my loyal subs in Lancashire will have to wait patiently until I return home on 15th January.

New photo collections are planned with a starring role for Satin Sissy Maid Wilma when we will enact a story board scenario in my private cosy cottage a week on Tuesday. I have a new rubberist slave attending who has requested that I wear my latex cat suit and smother his face with my ample derrier!!  Srict corporal punishment sessions have been organised into my diary. I intend to push limits to the max and give these subs an early festive glow to their buttocks and also include at least 6 deep red stripes of the very best!! My new leather knee boots will be assured of a good polishing and my panty slaves will have some new satin and lace panties to be smothered and gagged in!!

So sit there before my website images as patiently as you can if you have not been invited to meet me. The New Year will soon be upon us and it is not too late to apply for an audience with me as your true Queen of Mistresses before this year ends.

Your Queen of Mistresses

Madame Margi