Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 13



The Final Day of one to one sessions for 2006 in Lancashire has now begun. I sit upon my sofa with laptop on my knee wearing black and red silk kimono decorated with a fiercesome golden dragon, sipping orange and honey tea.

It has been a wonderful, exciting and satisfying year. My third in my reign as Queen of Domination. Slaves have traveled from near and far, both young and old, novices and experienced to bow their heads and kneel at my feet in total submission of me to worship me as their Queen.

I have traveled to Paris, Cologne and Edinburgh to dominate many of you and also to discover more about these wonderful European cities. I now have apartments in Paris and in Edinburgh but my home remains in Chorley, Lancashire. A third full length DVD is almost completed and copies of the second long awaited one is on its way to me now with more copies of my first successful DVD being processed to keep up with demand. Cologne is very important to me, because this is where my professionally filmed DVD's are made and now most of the scenes are shot with slaves both German and English. Creating a DVD is a most rewarding but exhausting process. No script is written for me, simply a basic storyline and choice of location, slave and outfit. The story begins with a piercing glare from me, one command and the cameras role in the experienced creative hands of Snoop.



Edinburgh has become as successful for me now as is my home base in Chorley, Lancashire. Once again slaves make a special journey to meet me in my private apartment in the city centre. From rubberists to satin sissies and true masochists of corporal punishment. From Glasgow, Dundee, Fife and Northumberland. All genuine submissives and masochists are welcome to suffer for me at my leather gloved hands. Polishing my boots, kissing my suspenders, massaging my stocking feet and falling over my knee for a good firm spanking. Some in strict bondage with ropes and leather straps and chains. Crawling behind me on collar and lead. Wearing my satin panties on their heads and having a pair stuffed into their mouths. Hooded, gagged, restrained, naked or totally free and fully clothed. I have abducted many in public places for realistic scenarios. Even whipping one outdoors by frosty moonlight. Teased and tormented, tortured and punished so many of you this last year that I have lost count but never forget any one of you.


Today, the first to arrive at 11:00 a.m. is nervous novice Brian. I will welcome him at my front door with a dazzling smile and chat with him in my lounge before commanding him to follow me upstairs to my chamber for his gentle introduction to domination. At 2:30 a rather cheeky experienced slave will enter my home and be controlled by a glare from my piercing blue eyes, a softly spoken word and gesture of my hand. Two more loyal slaves return this evening from 7:00p.m. to 10:00 p.m. when I will pack away my whips, canes and chains and thigh boots for my early morning journey by train to Edinburgh, leaving my Lancashire slaves bewitched and longing for my return.

Your Queen of Domination

Madame Margi

P.S. The Nervous Novice failed to attend once again. Not to miss an opportunity to waste away 2 spare hours I hastily commanded Andy Pandy to serve me in my strict and sadistic role as Officer Hell! An early Festive treat for myself and Andy!