Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 14



Looking forward to 2007

I am not a great lover of the festive season. Before I leave for my private holiday I will give you all many things to look forward to in 2007. I will be arranging personal sessions in Edinburgh each month from 6th January onwards. The way forward is for me to become stricter with you all. Too many take it for granted that an arranged appointment with me is only a casual arrangement. I regard these slaves as disrespectful time wasters and in future any failed appointments without prior notice or good reason will result in these persons being permanently excluded from serving me in the future.


The personal sessions in Edinburgh were most enjoyable for all concerned but those few who failed to attend their arranged appointments really spoilt the trust and respect I had built with my more respectful clients.

What would I do without my most loyal slaves? So many of you are eager to step into their well worn shoes beneath me but please take note that the privileged few who share my most private moments have earned their places accordingly. I adore force feminising most of you and my dream is to own a huge mansion or even a castle with many of my Sissified Maids in attendance daily. What a fantastic sight it would be for me to host a dinner party for my more favoured slaves. As I swept down the staircase wearing black leather from head to toe, all eyes upon me would soon be cast to my feet in preparation to lick those wonderous pointed toes and sharp heels. A whip and crop will always be held in my elegant manicured hands. All slaves would be locked into chastity devices and have my mark tattooed onto his left buttock. This is only my dream but how easily it could become reality on screen for my future DVD. With Officer Hell and Major Margaron in charge of all corporal punishments there would be many patients sent to Nurse Severe for soothing treatments.



With my long awaited second DVD now complete, you can all look forward to owning an exclusive copy from late January. So remember that in 2007 I am going to be even more stricter, stronger, sadistic and certainly the most serious Mistress you may be fortunate to serve.

Your Queen of Domination

Madame Margi