Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 15


My Diary 18-1-07

I returned from Edinburgh late Sunday evening ready to begin my week of sessions in my home town of Chorley Lancashire. What a successful week it had been once again in Edinburgh and on this occasion I returned with an original tawse from 1953 by John Dick of Lochgelly. What wonderful subs I have in Scotland who travel from far and wide for my own version of strict discipline English style.

On Tuesday the first copies of my latest full length DVD arrived from Germany. What an exceptional work of art this has proved to be and well worth waiting for after two years of hard work by myself and Snoop my producer in Germany. Just for you all to read now here are the descriptions of all of the five scenes contained in the new DVD.

My second DVD is now available to order directly from me at a cost of £30 including postage and packaging.
The DVD is over 2 hours long and contains five very different scenes with two of these featuring Mistress Judi who has now retired from the scene.

Doctor Margi
In Doctor Margi it is Nurse Judi who assists me in the examination and treatments of a patient suffering from a peculiar taste in lady's lingerie while being unable to sustain an erection. You will be amused and amazed by the inventive methods we use in an attempt to cure his plight. I am sure you can all guess what some of these methods are and also how Dr Margi and Nurse Judi will be dressed for the surgery.

Strict Interrogation
A prisoner is caught, stripped and caged by Officer Judi before strict sadistic Commander Margi arrives. Together the leather clad officers from hell show this pathetic prisoner no mercy while they torture him to extract vital information and a secret password. Will they show him mercy at the end after whipping, kicking and beating him brutally and systematically? He is burnt by Commander Margi's cigarettes and stamped on by Officer Judi's killer heels, slapped, spat on and finally acknowledges his fate in their ruthless hands. Not one for the feint hearted.

Strict Aunt
Trevor has always held a secret crush on his strict and sexy Aunt Margi.  She arrives home early one afternoon to find her nephew Trevor sniffing a pair of her worn panties and watching a DVD while playing with himself! What shocking way to behave, and what a very angry Aunt Margi, who scalds and slaps and beats him to a pulp before taking him upstairs to her bedroom for some much needed sensual training. Her carpet beater, cane, fluffy slippers and hairbrush are all put to good use to send her strict message home. What a breathtaking strict and sexy disciplinarian Aunt Margi is wearing scarlet satin blouse and leather skirt over the most revealing of lingerie.

Abducting the plumber
Early one morning innocent young plumber John arrives at Margi's home. She greets him at her front door wearing a short leather outfit and boots with a wicked twinkle in her eye. While he is  bent over her kitchen sink attempting to fix her leaking tap she swiftly covers his head with a latex hood and leads him upstairs to her chamber where she strips and secures him in rope bondage. After tormenting him with hot wax and nipple clamps until he is moaning in agony she then releases him before bending him over for his final degradation. This is Madame Margi at her most sadistic and sensual best.

The Strict Bank of Denial
The final scene cannot be shown through my website because it is very brutally realistic. So for the first time you will be able to view exclusively the most arrogant Bank Manager of them all, Manager Denial. You will know immediately from the first few seconds of footage that she is not a lady to mess with. Sitting at her desk with endless legs stretched out in front of her and smoking a More's menthol cigarette. Strict high buttoned black and red striped shirt with black satin tie showing stockings and suspenders and those famous killer heels.  What a cruel bitch. Who would dare approach her to apply for a loan? Only a fool of course and boy, oh boy, does she make him suffer in return. You can almost feel that heavy whip coming down on you while he is lying across her desk with his pants down can't you? Would you dare to ask her for a loan after watching this scene?

Please note that both of my full length DVD's are exclusive and only a limited quantity have been produced. These will become collector's items in the future because I do not intend making more than a third full length DVD before I retire. The quality is excellent and if you can watch my DVD's from the privacy of your home through a widescreen TV you will almost feel as if I was there with you. I am going to hold a competition in celebration of the release of my new DVD. I will make a list of questions about both of my DVD’s and of course only those who have watched both can reply accurately. The first person to reply to all questions correctly will be invited to join me for a weekend of filming and photographs in Cologne and to meet Snoop my producer. A second prize will be a free 2 hour session in my chamber in Chorley Lancs or in Edinburgh. Watch out for news of my competition next month.

Madame Margi