Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 16



The Smile behind the cane! - 2007/04/04 00:43

I feel that the most important attribute any professional dominatrix can have is a wicked sense of humour. I have to say that the sessions I enjoy the most are the ones when I just cannot resist laughing out loud with my slave or breaking into a wickedly teasing smile at their expense when they are securely bound, gagged, exposed and vunerable. Their fate in my powerful hands. Every time I hear a muffled cry or see their naked forms struggling for release I just cannot resist smiling. Their pain is always my pleasure.

On Saturday evening my "cheeky schoolboy" Dave arrived for his regular appointment of strict discipline. Dressed elegantly as Head Mistress Margaron, I welcomed Dave to my home with him well prepared dressed in skin tight PVC trousers and clutching a gift of a darkly smoked Dragon Cane inscribed with my name. Dave is a serious fan of my local football club Manchester Untited. I also have the same taste and preference in colours as this team. Red and Black dominate. Dave had brought his new school uniform with him of course. A scarlet blazer trimmed with black looked so smart I quickly tried it on myself. On this occasion Dave had advised me that he was going to only allow me to spank him because he had a hospital appointment on Wednesday and didn't wish to alarm the staff with any crimson stripes from a severe caning. What happened? We chatted, laughed, discussed many different aspects of corporal punishment in particual the cane and tawse. We also discovered that we shared the same taste in music and I hastily searched for my album of Cat Stevens and David Bowie to get the atmosphere lively. "Over my knee" I commanded Dave. Pulling his school shorts down to his ankles and then his red and black undies I gently smacked his plump bum into a glowing crimson which any Man United fan would be proud of. I admired his gift of the Dragon Cane and was longing to try this out for many reasons. The first being that I have recently broken three of my canes during heavy CP sessions in Edinburgh and the second reason that I love caning.


Dave was persuaded to bend over my whipping bench with bum stuck up into the air. I took aim and gently tapped his bare buttocks first and then stroked them teasingly before giving him a huge grin and "whack". The first of 150 brilliantly administered medium strokes of a very stiff heavy Dragon Cane. Well Dave your bum will be the centre of attention tomorrow afternoon when you are wheeled into surgery for your op won't it? Now Dave is looking for a School Mistress Cap and Gown for me to look even more intimidating for his return after his convalescence. Please get well soon Dave.

This evening I welcomed the return of one of my lovely adoring "Footboys" from down south near London. It is exactly a year since my Sissified Anthea made the long journey north to pay homage to his Queen of foot worship. On this occasion he presented me with a huge dark chocolate Easter Egg filled with chocolates before dressing up in the clothes I had prepared for his transformation. He was absolutely thrilled to be wearing an exact copy of my own lingerie. A black lace corsellette, satin panties and black fully fashioned nylons. He had difficulty completing his given tasks wearing a pair of 4" patent stillettos but all in all we certainly enjoyed another sensationally strict and sensual session as Mistress and Sissified Slave. I have just replied to his text message of "WOW", with "WOWEE"!!


It does seem to be an excellent week for one to one sessions of a more spectacular and special kind. While most commercial dungeons use an appointment system of strictly and precisely one hour, my personal approach is that each generous hour of my one to one sessions can be anything from 90 minutes to 3 hours without having to pay a penny more. I pride myself on giving excellent value for money and also on being exclusive in my field which is one of the reasons why most of you return so often.

I will be spending my Easter weekend in Paris and when I return next Tuesday I will be planning the return of my Slave Trevor on Wednesday evening. Trevor sent a text message announcing his return to my chamber with a short quip of "back in the old routine". I hastily corrected this to "BACK WITH A NEW REGIME". Should I warn him of my new purchase of 4 strict canes just waiting to be broken in on his milky white flesh? Shall I hint about the large box of latex outfits recently given to me by Wilma, including the size 12 thigh boots? Will he recoginse me with my new hairstyle? One thing is certain about next Wednesday. I will be the happiest woman on earth when my slave Trevor crawls up my stairs on all fours and kisses my boots. Welcome back my slave Trevor, your Queen awaits.

Your Queen of domination in the most powerful mood

Madame Margi