Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 18


A day in the life of your Mistress - 2007/07/06



Can you really imagine what my daily routine is actually like? If someone out there wishes to make a documentary of a day in the life of Madame Margi they would be in for a big shock. I sometimes think that at the end of a very busy and fulfilling day there have been so many different things to experience both for myself and my slaves that it is too much even for me to absorb.

Here is an example:-

I wake at 5:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning to the irritating vibrations of my 2 mobiles on my bedside table! Of course none of my slaves really believe that a Goddess should really need her beauty sleep so they send me text messages at all hours of the day and night. If I forget to switch my mobiles off at the end of a hard day, my sleep is often disturbed by requests such as "how long are your nails?" or "I want to be smothered by your bottom", "how tall are you?" or "what size is your slipper?" Why do any of these slaves think I actually spend time regularly updating my 5 websites with relevant personal information about myself only to have these lazy wannabe slaves interrupt my free time with endless irritating text messages and even phone calls at a time when any lady over the age of 40 will be reclining in her silk nightgown sipping Camomile tea!

So should I have actually been allowed a decent night's sleep I can actually wake refreshed and stumble bleary eyed into my bathroom to slowly face a new day of domination. Breakfast is usually a glass of fresh orange juice, a hot china mug of Lady Grey tea and a bowl of Special K. I must not forget my daily dose of Berroca for instant vitamins, and 1000mg of oil of primrose which is essential to keep my skin glowing and my hormones balanced. A long leisurely soak in a warm bath laced with lavender and rosemary oils or a brisk warm shower depending on when my first appointment is ensures that I am now feeling vibrant by 9:30 a.m. Should any of you have the misfortune to dare to ring me before or during my morning routine then you will soon wish you hadn't bothered! An acid tongue will soon put you quivering and stammering back into your corner to wait patiently for another hour until I am feeling more like my powerful self and speaking in the smoothly dominant tones of a woman in control.

I may appear to be a "superstar" and indeed I am a very famous woman and already star of 2 DVD's and no less than 5 superb websites, with thousands of variations of my title to be noted when you search for me on Google! However, I am still merely a woman. I am all woman with pale, delicate skin, sensitive blue eyes and fine naturally wavy hair. I do have a tendency to put on a few pounds at certain times of the month and squeezing my rounded tummy into the steel boned corset because my new slave from Norwich wished to be dominated by his "Golden Goddess" is not an easy task on these delicate days! I much prefer those slaves who leave my choice of outfit entirely up to me. What could be easier than to slip into the PVC cat suit entirely naked and just zip it up to above my cleavage to make me feel a million dollars, and to step into the high heeled knee boots which increase my height to over 6 feet to tower above you all.  Strapping myself into the huge rubber cock harness just says it all. Clinging to my curvaceous frame, glistening black and shiny, even in my velcro curlers without the final finishing scarlet lip gloss and black mascara, I am feeling like the dominant bitch from hell who likes nothing more than to spit and slap, whip and cane, kick and crush you all.

At 10:30 Andy Pandy will have slipped quietly through my front door. Leaving his shoes in my hall, crawled up my stairs and eagerly licked my boots and sucked upon my cock! But did I remember to remove the velcro curlers? You see it's all part of a day in the life of your Mistress! I will be cruel, kind, passionate, sadistic, wicked, sensual, witty, but most of all I will just be plain old ordinary Madame Margi!

Did I say ordinary? Extra ordinary suits me best don't you think?