Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 19


The Power Exchange

When I dress in strict classic ensemble of Riding Mistress or Head Mistress or Leather/Rubber Goddess, I become transformed into a confident, dominant female. My heels are high and sharp, my stockings sheer and seamed. My makeup is applied to perfection with emphasis on a palette of dark greys, plums and jet black to accentuate my deep blue eyes. My lips and nails painted in the deepest and glossiest of vivid scarlet. A light splashing of my favourite perfume J’Adore and with mobile phone in my hand I am well prepared to welcome my ‘guest’!!  Will he be nervous? Is he young or mature? Is he truly submissive or still feeling macho but excited at the anticipation of what lies in store for him for the next hour? Of one thing I am always certain. I will know immediately, as soon as we have exchanged the first greeting that I am in control and he is here to obey me.



Wearing a school uniform at 30 years plus is something my ‘naughty boys’ feel essential to re-enact those distant school days when the most strict and serious Head Mistress beckoned them to her study, where discipline was necessary to ensure that they remembered exactly who was in power at ‘Bottomley High’!  Adjusting my heavy gold framed reading glasses to peer into their sweating chubby faces I announce my decision to strap their hands with Lochgelly tawse and give them 6 of the best with my senior cane. All mischievous naughty pupils are treated exactly the same. Some may need a good lecture on their behaviour and be given menial tasks to perform at my desk or while stripped to their shorts given some physical education. Whether they can touch their toes or not they will be asked firmly and without any nonsense to bend over while I pull down their shorts and cane them briskly with short swift strokes always leaving deep red wheels to remember me by. A lesson learned the hard way is one never to forget and none of my pupils leaves my study without palms and bottom stinging.



In a more sensual scenario I love to dress in elegant silks and satins with the most feminine classic lingerie beneath. My power lace corselette with the six metal suspenders enhances my mature hourglass figure to perfection. I adore sheer fully fashioned seamed stockings, and in particular tan ones with contrasting black seams and welts. While I command only the most excellent of foot worship, my sissified maids will be gently kissing and sucking my toes and nibbling on my heels. The bright scarlet varnish of my toes can be seen through the sheer nylon of the stocking. The wet softness of their lips, and tongue bring me to new heights of ecstasy. Should I not be amused or feel any pleasure then my mood will change swiftly and in my highest of high heeled shoes I tower over my submissive pets at over 6feet. Using my most lethal of toys such as the sjambok or dragon cane always gives me such pleasure to the point of arousal. Then ultimately it is the time for me to use my pathetic broken servant as my ‘face cushion’ while I sit upon his face like a Queen upon her throne. The power exchange is complete.

Your Queen of domination