Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 2


July 2006



A session of the most unusual kind


It was Friday evening and my “Southern Footboy” was en route to my home chamber from southern England. His appointment had been arranged to begin at 6:00 p.m. but he was delayed in traffic south of Birmingham. More than 2 hours later he finally arrived at my front door. My Footboy had brought red wine, sparkling water, fruit juices and the ingredients for my favourite dish, spaghetti Bolognese. My Southern Footboy who I also refer to as Bob Marley is tall black and super submissive and also a very good cook!

“No woman no cry” was belting out from my cd player in my lounge. My Footboy fell to his knees immediately and I clasped his dreadlocks with my right hand and pulled his head towards me between my thighs and held him there for a few moments before leaning back on the sofa and stretching out my endless stocking clad legs commanded him to immediately begin worshipping my feet. He sucked and licked lovingly on my high heeled shoes then removed them to begin the intricate adoration of my tender dainty feet. Breathing in the warm aroma of my feet he was swooning and sighing and his eyes were blazing with a fiery passionate stare. “I am your Golden Eagle Goddess, your Queen and you are my prey”, I said. “This is not only my house but my royal nest and I have lured you here to be devoured beneath my talons until I am satisfied”. Footboy looked up with eyes open wide and tongue pink damp and curling licking his lips in anticipation. “Upstairs now to my chamber for your first lesson in submission beneath me”, I commanded. I was wearing a cream satin blouse with long leather skirt. I strode slowly up my staircase before him. “Down on your knees and crawl after me” I breathed, pointing at the foot of the stairs where he was standing with mouth open. He crawled slowly after me and reaching the landing looked up into my blazing blue eyes. I held out my hand and he took it and kissed it tenderly. “Welcome to my chamber my Footboy”.



I stripped him of his clothes down to his underpants. A damp patch was soaking his tight boxer shorts and his cock was bursting through the fine material. I pressed my knee into his manhood and remarked how small his bulge appeared to be. “Now I will see if you are worthy to worship me” I hissed while squeezing his manhood in my hands. Once more his facial expressions were of submissive adoration mingled with apprehension of what was in store.

“A Collar for you my slave” I held a broad red and black studded leather collar in my hands and fastened it around his neck. With the chain lead attached I then walked him like a dog around my chamber, landing and bathroom behind me, occasionally stopping and bending forwards to allow him to sniff my bottom. It was exceptionally hot on Friday evening. Even with a large fan blowing gusts of cool air around and windows open I could hardly breathe and the sweat was running down my body. “Undress me slave” I commanded. My Footboy was sweating too and now also trembling at being given this task. Tenderly he unfastended my skirt and as I stepped out of it he gasped at the magnificence of my endless legs. “Wow Mistress, not only are your legs beautiful and long but they are so fit”, he declared. “Kiss them then my Footboy”, I stood with hand on one hip and his lead in the other in front of the full length mirror and admired how good we looked together as Mistress and Slave. My pale silky strong thighs above the black fully fashioned stockings he was now kissing and stroking. His own athletic muscular body with ebony tones was making me feel so powerful and also aroused. “Over my knee” I shouted. I sat on my chair and pulled upon his chain until he was draped over my knee. I roughly removed his underpants and his cock sprang between the gap in my thighs where I clamped it. Rythmically I spanked each cheek over 20 times. The heat increased in my chamber, on my palms and also on his bottom!



I then pushed my footboy to the floor and brought a silk stocking to tie around his throbbing dribbling cock and balls. He was shivering with anticipation now. I commanded him to unbutton my satin blouse so that there I was standing at over 6 feet tall in my highest heels wearing only black satin bullet bra, open bottomed six suspendered waist girdle and satin knickers. He was now in raptures but as sweet and gentle as any slave should be. With him lying on his back outstretched and his wrists secured by the leather straps on the legs of my throne. His ankles secured with my heaviest ankle spreaders.  I covered his eyes with a blind fold, removed my satin panties and stuffed them into his opened mouth and then secured with bondage tape. Then standing above his shoulders I slowly crouched over his upturned face and he became my face cushion as I Queened him. Riding upon his face and squeezing my thighs around his ears for prolonged interludes he struggled to breathe but although he couldn’t speak I knew he was enjoying the taste and scent of me. His cock was too aroused and it was time to apply some ice to his manhood and attach the tens unit.

I dressed in another skirt and blouse and removed his blindfold, gag and restraints and ordered him to stand up. “Now wear these panties yourself my slut” I commanded as I held out the damp black satin and lace garment. “Thank you my Queen”, he said and knelt before me and began to kiss and lick my legs once again. I walked him around with interludes of more punishment over my knee and with him bent over my whipping bench to take strokes of my crop and also lightly whipped his naked body everywhere.

After 2 hours I was tired. “Now go downstairs and cook my supper for me Slave”. He washed and dressed and went into my kitchen to prepare my meal, while I relaxed and bathed before dressing in black silk nightdress and kimono.

Lying outstretched on my sofa with feet and legs bare my Footboy threw himself once again before me and tenderly kissed each scarlet painted toe. Sucked on them. Massaged my ankles and calves and instep and gently chewed upon my heels. It was quite simply wonderful.

The spaghetti Bolognese was well worth waiting for and we shared it with a bottle of red Italian wine. Afterwards I would not allow my Footboy to begin the long journey home south when it was well after midnight so I bound him with stockings and left him on my sofa to dream of his first meeting with his Queen of domination while I retired to my bed after one of the most unusual sessions of the rarest kind.

Madame Margi