Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 20


Onwards to Edinburgh - 12th October 2007

The time has come once again for my departure to Scotland from my home in Lancashire. In October I will be available for two weeks at my private apartment in Edinburgh. How challenging these sessions north of the border have become over the past two years since I decided to venture forth and dominate my hungry subs in Scotland. Not only have I learnt so much more about being more serious and stricter with corporal punishment but I have become even more confident, self assured and dominant with my meeker slaves who have given me their undying loyalty in return for being led by me into darker corners of their own submission. How many times do I open an email from a new applicant who declares that he or she is "not into pain"? The only clients I meet and who I administer the strictest and severest of discipline to are genuine adrenaline seeking masochists. For the true masochist searing pain from repetitive cruel strokes of my canes are like a drug feeding their addiction. On the other hand I too need to reach that high point in a session otherwise my role as domina becomes pointless and falls extremely flat. What I ask you all to do is to give me your trust because I will never harm you and to receive a little pain from torments and corporal punishment will only benefit you greatly and bring you closer to me. Read my reviews from the past month from my Slaves Caro, Wilma and especially "R". These three have all trusted in me to stretch their own individual limits and I have continuously pushed them over their own thresholds. They let me guide them and they were rewarded.

I have been at the top of the domination tree now for almost four extremely successful years. I understand so much more about you all than I would ever have believed possible. When you arrive at my home in Lancashire or at my apartments in Paris and Edinburgh, I greet you all in exactly the same manner. A warm welcoming smile to put you at your ease, an informal chat to allow yourself to air your personal views and for me to assess your individual capabilities. I welcome all of you who have dared to accept my invitation for a personal appointment in pure domination. It doesn't matter to me whether you are totally inexperienced or whether you have been to dozens of Mistresses previously. You have chosen me as your guide. This is my role and I promise never to abuse my position. I will take you by the hand and gently but ever so firmly lead you into the domination session of your wildest fantasies. I will dress in a chosen outfit of your choice when we meet and not mine. You are all so individual and this is why I treat you all as such and spend extra time in preparation for you by corresponding by emails and speaking to you over the phone. I am extremely well organised and I expect you all to be the same. On a rare occasion I may be let down but this is the exception to the rule.

I have been at my home in Lancashire now for 3 weeks and in that time organised over 20 personal appointments. Only 4 of these were cancelled by those who made them and everyone gave me good notice. In Edinburgh I have already organised 12 appointments in advance and some of these will be specially extended sessions of 2 to 4 hours. I don't expect to have many free moments to explore one of my most favorite cities apart from the weekends. If you have been thinking about applying to visit me when I am in Edinburgh or in Lancashire or even in Paris, please take a deep breath now and sit down to write me a letter of application or ring me, but please be patient because I am constantly busy. Your patience will be rewarded and hopefully when we finally meet you will find me irresistible and unable to leave my side for more than a month's absence. May I take this opportunity on this damp and dreary Friday morning in October from my home in Lancashire to give you all my heartfelt thanks for making me the successful Mistress I am today.

Madame Margi