Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 21


Dreaming of a Red Christmas



I am certainly dreaming of a “red Christmas” for all of my slaves. Will I obtain this by putting them firmly over my knee for a good hard spanking? Or should I drip red hot candle wax onto their naked exposed bodies? Perhaps glowing scarlet stripes from my canes and whips will be left behind on their bums to remind them that Christmas did indeed arrive early for them this year. Or will I make the satin fetishist’s dream come true by wearing only red satin and silk lingerie beneath a strict scarlet blouse and tight leather skirt? The ultimately sensual fetish session for silk and satin lovers is to be force feminised by me into a satin corset and ff nylons with a wonderful pair of panties or even a satin maid outfit or nightdress. Red is certainly the hottest colour. The heat from my paddle and crop or the marks left behind from my spurs when training my Pony Boys and Girls will ensure that everyone has a generous helping of festive cheer from me this Christmas. The list is endless and what a lot of fun I am going to have decorating my slaves in the weeks leading up to the festive season in my home chamber in Lancashire and in my basement flat in Edinburgh.



With the chilly north wind blowing in all areas of the UK it is certainly time for late evening candlelit sessions in strict bondage, sensory deprivation and torment. I do enjoy being spontaneous and the looks of surprise on my slave’s faces as I force them into chastity devices at the beginning of an extended session gives me endless hours of amusement both during the session and afterwards. On a recent trip to Edinburgh I locked my feminised rubber fetish slave into a curve chastity device. I seductively slipped the key between my ample breasts and later forgot where I had put it. I thought it would be even more fun for both me and my slave if we dined out while he was still in chastity. How teasing and tormenting of me to eat my lunch opposite a poor frustrated tormented man showing him a glimpse of stocking top and lots of cleavage while he sat most uncomfortably gulping down every mouthful. Of course the only person allowed to remove the chastity device was the nurse you all dream of examining you. Nurse Severe was summoned to intimately examine and torment my slave for a further hour before searching in vain for the key which had slipped out of my cleavage and disappeared! Oh well, another few days and then I will summon him to my surgery for his welcome release.



I never cease to be amazed at exactly how many of you have so many different fetishes. My role is to tune into your needs and to ensure that we both enjoy a most memorable rewarding experience. I have to confess that my new bare foot fetishist is now one of my favourite slaves. He arrived at a most appropriate time one chilly evening in Edinburgh after I had been sweating it out to push my new masochistic slave’s limits to the max. I was feeling well and truly exhausted after a gruelling cp session dressed as the strict Head Mistress in strict white blouse, tight skirt and seamed stockings and heels. Not a sound was uttered from M’s mouth in over 90 minutes of spanking, whipping, caning and strapping. Only a sweet smile spread over his relaxed face. A true masochist can really push a strict disciplinarian like me even though I am a true sadist. I stopped before the blood flowed and also before I strained my shoulders and forearms. How wonderful to be able to change into a very casual ensemble of denim jeans and t-shirt without stockings or shoes and prepare myself for “D” my new footboy. He stripped naked and sat cross legged on my lounge floor at the side of my sofa. Cradling my bare feet in his lap he gently began to massage my soles, ankles, heels and insteps. I was in bare foot heaven already. When he moved onto kissing and licking my feet and finally sucking in sequence each perfectly painted toe I confess to actually falling asleep. I now look forward to the return of all of these 3 slaves to my private basement apartment in Edinburgh where I am guaranteed to provide a “RED CHRISTMAS” for all of my slaves in more ways than one.

Madame Margi