Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 22


My New Year’s Resolutions for 2008


The parties and seasonal frolics will soon be over. As I sit here watching the firework display in the centre of Paris sipping a glass of champagne as 2007 is merging into 2008, my thoughts are always one step ahead in time. You are all in need of discipline and guidance from me and I have already made my resolutions for the New Year. I will be stricter with you all and gain your confidence to push your limits further. You must put your trust in me and show me respect always. If you previously believed that you could never tolerate any corporal punishment then now is the time to discover that you can. With me as your guide to trust in you will discover so much more about yourself. I believe my enthusiasm for my powerful role will increase and that I have yet to reach my peak. There is still so much we can discover together and I intend to share these new experiences with you.



I am developing a new image and dress style. I have always loved satin, leather and rubber. The PVC outfits will be left in the wardrobe with the extreme fetish thigh boots and shoes. My personal style is already elegant and stylish with strong emphasis on the retro look rather than extreme fetish. Let the more youthful dominant ladies exploit the strong black and shiny fetish image of PVC. I want to be your strict Aunt who you fantasise about and ache to be punished so cruelly by. I will be your strict disciplinarian at all times but even stricter in my schoolroom as the Head Mistress. What could give you more chills down your spine and simultaneously arouse you more than being chosen as a stable boy by the Strict Horsewoman in tight white jodhpurs and black leather boots with spurs? Surely a good horsewhipping is what most of you dream about while being forced into suspension by me in this superior role.



I plan to do more outdoor scenes to make the most of my ever increasing collection of bullwhips and the sjambok. The realistic kidnap scenarios with me dressed head to toe in powerful black leather will be my most sought after scenario. A secluded woodland is the perfect place for me to lure my victims and keep them in bondage and sensory deprivation awaiting their fate!! I do enjoy becoming your doctor and nurse as most of you will have seen on my DVD and will have a latex matron uniform and more medical equipment for experiments of the more sensual and sadistic kind. Force feminising my slaves has always given me hours of amusement and in 2008 I will ensure that everyone who meets me will be wearing stockings and suspenders. Of course I do not intend changing my personal exclusive style in my own choice of lingerie. I am still amazed at how many of you have never seen or felt a pair of endless strong legs clad in ff nylon stockings. Foot and leg worship will always remain firmly at the top of my list of services, but those who fail to satisfy me by performing their given commands as kissing my toes and massaging my feet will soon find themselves clamped between my strong thighs for a good spanking!

So let us all look forward to a stricter but more rewarding New Year together in 2008.

Your strict disciplinarian

Madame Margi