Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 23


The Perfect Slave


What makes a perfect slave?

He knows how to address me by always calling me Ma’am, or Madame. He wouldn’t dream of ringing or texting me before 10:00 in the morning or after 21:00 in the evening. When applying for a personal appointment with me he writes a full detailed email containing his own interests in tune with mine. If he is fortunate enough to be selected to attend a personal session with me in my home chamber in Lancashire or my private apartment in Edinburgh he then organises himself beforehand.  He will ring me the evening before to confirm. He will ring me again 15 minutes before his allocated appointment time. When he arrives at my front door he will bow to me and show his appreciation by acknowledging my radiant smile before presenting me with his own personal gift. A single red rose, bottle of wine, box of chocolates or J’adore perfume are all received graciously by me. Small gifts presented to me by hand, always warm my heart to my new slave on his arrival. Of course the more thoughtful and dedicated slave will have done his homework well and I can tell you that my most perfect slave Sarsonbutts has recently presented me with gifts of fine French cheeses, Andrea Bocelli music cds, tartan scarves and even a huge black umbrella to keep out the awful northern weather. No perfect slave will attend a personal session with me without first taking time to shower, shave and brush his teeth. How I detest those who arrive smelling like a caged animal at a zoo, with alcohol and smoke fumes blowing over me when they speak! Instantly they have given me the very worst impression and while I am prepared to spend more time waiting for them to shower, shave and gargle, I am already annoyed and my earlier enthusiasm has waned. There is no excuse for not ringing or texting me from a personal mobile. I merely ignore those who ring me from withheld private home lines.



So what do I look for now that my perfect slave has arrive precisely on time clutching an unusual gift from my wish list scrubbed ready for his appointment? He must be totally submissive to me, polite and courteous. I will spend at least 15 minutes explaining what our session will entail and also enquire about his health and well being. If this is going to be a real life scenario then I don’t want to begin reading 6 pages of why Auntie has sent naughty Johny to me for an hour of humiliation and strict discipline do I? A brief outlined hand written idea for a preferred scenario will suffice. After 4 years of experience in domination I really don’t need too much to be said about content and appearance do I? I do have a special place in my heart for my footboys and masochists and also sissy maids. My most favourite service of all is foot and leg worship. My best skill is corporal punishment. I love nothing more after a hard day of whipping, caning and strapping my naked slaves than to sit back and kick of my shoes and command only the most attentive sensual worship of my feet. You have already read about how aroused I become when I give out the strictest sadistic punishment using my favourite lethal implements. Now is the time for me to be further aroused and taken to heaven and back with some really intense toe sucking and heel nibbling in the capable hands, lips and tongue of my footboy. Please don’t grab my foot, or pull it towards you. Hold it gently like a new born baby. Then lavish my toes with soft kisses and lick my feet like you would an ice cream. Smell my feet and really breathe in my sweet sweaty aroma. Lastly take my toes individually into your open mouth and suck each one like a very special sweet. You are guaranteed to become one of my most special slaves as a result of your efforts.


Of course those slaves who can take extreme punishment from me will always seem to perfect to me. Not only do I push their limits over our exclusive hour together but they also push mine. I would never have become such an expert at corporal punishment if I couldn’t practise whipping, caning spanking and strapping my slaves in the first place. I know that my skills in corporal punishment are excellent now and I aim to become the perfect Mistress for all my perfect Slaves. So please take note of my comments when you apply for that first meeting with me and you too could become yet another one of my stable of perfect slaves.

Madame Margi