Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 24


The topic of my June diary, the controversial subject of a Strict Judicial Punishment continues. I have still to organise a Judicial Punishment for a novice or indeed anyone new to my strict severe methods of discipline. Only my loyal regular masochists are brave enough to allow me to read out their sentence, declare the punishments in store and then take complete control by restraining and gagging them and carrying out their strict sadistic sentences without any safe words or mercy. All other applicants are not brave enough to go through with their fantasies.  It’s simply as clear to me as Black and White.

To illustrate my views of corporal punishment what better photograph collection could I now upload on my membership pages other than strict severe outfits of me wearing black with white. Nothing looks more awesome than a classic white satin blouse worn with severe black leather ankle length skirt and “killer heel” black leather knee boots. To compliment this look I emphasise my small waist with a wide leather belt and always wear soft black kid gloves not only to look elegant and strictly sadistic but also to protect my delicate fine hands when I am using my whips, straps and canes during an extended organised corporal punishment session. Trousers are my best and safest option. Tight black leather pants or even tighter fitting pure white jodhpurs are my choice when I foresee the mutual danger of a severe caning, whipping or strapping. My own favourite cp toys of the month are definitely my John Dick Lochgelly Tawse, Master’s French Martinette and darkly smoked Dragon Cane. On numerous occasions I have caught my own lower leg when strapping my victim’s outstretched hands with the JD so always prefer to protect my legs with strong boots. I also always wear safety glasses when using my bullwhip and sjambok and find it safer to blindfold my victims and protect their delicate parts while wielding these awesome whips. A good pair of well fitting leather gloves are essential when wielding my canes and whips and I now have mine made to measure for me.  I do prefer to use my tawses bare handed in addition to my preference for bare handed over my knee spanking for all bare bottoms!

I do feel that Sarsonbutts is in danger of taking the limelight away from others once again this month. His record of endurance at the severe end of my straps and canes has still to be broken. I now feel that in addition to me being in charge of pushing his limits, he is also responsible for pushing mine. I am in danger of suffering from repetitive strain injury with so much caning, strapping and whipping. He really exasperated me on his recent visit south to my home chamber in Lancashire that I have promised him a well earned Strict Judicial Punishment session in my basement flat in Edinburgh in early August. It is there in Edinburgh that my more masochistic slaves flock for regular helpings of pain for my pleasure. However, I feel that next month’s topic of my own brand of domination will be concentrating on those of you not quite ready to meet the extreme side of me. These are my slaves who literally throw themselves at my feet. Begging to be used as my toy, my pet, my plaything. I chastise them, dress them up as girls in satin and lace and heels. Force them on their knees to suck upon my huge black rubber cock. Tie them up in bondage and while blindfolded tease and torment them mercilessly with ice, hot wax and rubber tipped clothes pegs. One thing is certain, my daily life is never dull and the complexity of my role as your mature Queen of Punishment will continue to be full of surprises.