Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 25


A breath of fresh air


Friday 17th October and I am waiting for one of my more southerly located slaves to arrive at my home chamber in Lancashire. He has a long journey ahead of him this morning and I am anxious that he takes care while driving north to me in this very unpredictable October weather. My Leather Loving Slave "T" has made this journey 4 times in the past 2 years. Our first meeting was arranged in Edinburgh at my private basement. He was a nervous novice that afternoon and we had only communicated via text messages. He doesn't even have access to a pc but can surf the web using the features on his mobile phone. Never before had I felt confident in a new slave to organise a 2 hour session by text messages. His polite enquiry impressed me from the very start. I knew that I would be able to lead him safely by the hand into the unknown journey of domination with his fetish for leather being explored to the very max. "T" chose a "strict interrogation for his first appointment as a novice. This was extremely brave of him & he also ticked off cbt, nt, cp, breath play, bondage and sensory deprivation for his choice of my specialised services. His gift to me was a pair of buttery soft black leather kid gloves. "T" was simply bowled over by me in the flesh or rather in the awesome black leather ensemble. He has the clearest largest blue eyes and most perfect dazzling white teeth I have ever seen. The session was swift and furious and extremely strict with me performing at my awesome best to interrogate him with alternating torments using nipple clamps, hot wax, ice, hard face slapping while he was securely strapped into a chair. Not to be content with putting him through such an endurance test I strung him up by the wrists and flogged him, whipped him and finally caned him before he could draw breath. He confessed at the end of his interrogation, so I used him as my face cushion and smothered his innocent young face with my gorgeous rounded leather clad bottom. Trampling with my spiked heeled boots was almost too much for him to endure when I dug my heels into his already tender plump and pink nipples. I forced him to suck upon my stillettos like a puppy on a lead and then the most wonderful treat of all for him to be allowed to kiss every inch of my leather clad body from the tips of my shoulder length gloves, sucking on my fingers and then to be squeezed by my strong leather clad thighs while I simultaneously spanked his plump bottom.

Our sessions have improved at each meeting. I have ridden him bareback like a pony wearing white jodphurs and leather knee boots with spurs. I have queened him in my powerlace corselette, black seamed stockings and soft leather designer boots. I always wear gloves because this is the key to his arousal. I smother his face with my leather gloved hands, force my leather fingers down his throat, slap his face hard on both cheeks, spank him over my knee and squeeze hard upon his genitals. "T" is always transported into "Leather Heaven" with me. Yesterday I allowed him to dress me in the strict boned bustier. His hands trembled and his glasses steamed up but under my instructions he laced me up and pulled in my waist which emphasised my hourglass figure as you can see in the photograph.

"T" is always keen to try out something new and having read so much on my forum and diaries about how exciting my strict judicial punishment sessions were in August  he bravely volunteered to be put on trial before me. I really went over the top and pronounced his sentence to be 100 strokes of my dragon cane! Later that afternoon when we were relaxing over a mea, and he was sitting most uncomfortably, he vowed never ever to volunteer for such extreme punishment again. The road for my true Leather Loving Slave "T" will be purely into lovely "Leather Land" via teasing and tormenting. When he arrived at my front door yesterday I greeted him with a wide smile threw my arms around him to give him a big hug and honestly declared that he was like a breath of fresh air. I am so lucky to have so many slaves who have become good friends who I can confide in. I am now so well established that my stable of slaves is the best any Mistress could wish for. I rarely invite anyone new because I prefer my loyal ones to attend regularly and this enables me to really stretch their limits and to experiment with new domination techniques and also to take photographs to show you all exactly what it is which makes me the Mother of all Mistresses and the True Queen of Domination.

Madame Margi