Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 26


Xmas festivities and looking forward to the New Year



Xmas eve and all is quiet. I sit here serenely sipping a glass of mulled wine and reflecting upon what has been my most successful year to date. 2008 was the year I experimented with new looks and new domination techniques. I now have more loyal servants than ever before and attract submissive males from all countries worldwide including France, Germany, Italy, Ireland, USA and Australia. Because I am mature and serene in both years and attitude you all feel safe with me. Having trust in your chosen Mistress is vital. I have stretched you all way beyond your boundaries this year and also stretched myself and learnt so much. I have many new exciting outfits to wear for you during 2009. A green latex Matron uniform and red leather knee boots. Short tight fitting leather hot pants and 6” stiletto heeled black leather sky high boots. A sensational figure hugging shiny scarlet PVC cat suit is already proving to be popular. Of course when my third DVD is launched in January you will soon understand why I chose the title of Mistress Chameleon.



In January 2009 my long awaited third DVD Mistress Chameleon will be launched. Never before have I changed my appearance so quickly with wigs and outfits. Nurse Severe soon became a firm favourite with my visiting “patients” to my private medical clinic. What a strict and sexy Nurse, auburn haired Severe proved to be! Wearing a tight fitting white and red PVC uniform over sheer tights and thigh high boots who could resist to strip when she commands it? Using both strict and sensual treatments on her patient could only result in a very satisfactory result. Officer Hell really is the strictest sadistic officer you could wish to meet. How she relishes inflicting endless hours of suffering on her prisoners by whipping, caning and other sadistic methods of punishment and torments. From the tip of her shiny peaked cap with the raven coloured long wild hairstyle down to the figure hugging PVC uniform and sky high killer heel laced up boots, she means business the hard and painful way! Mistress Chameleon is always looking for new slaves to train but do you really think that any will be good enough for her? How many will actually survive? Should you wish to add my third DVD to your collection please contact me by email for details and I will be only too pleased to reserve your copy.



So enjoy your seasonal festivities while you can because I must warn you that in 2009 I promise to be even more strict, sensual and sadistic than ever before. Light up the sky with fireworks and let the music begin.  A New Year approaches with new adventures with me for everyone.

Your serene Queen of Mistresses

Madame  Margi