Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 27


My diary 6th February 2009 - Where did I put my cane?



The first sessions of 2009 have been so wonderful and my inventive mind is never at rest. In Edinburgh recently I enacted a scenario which I was inspired to do from the superb drawings of Eric Stanton,  revenge of the dominant wife, which I have also adapted for revenge of the office boss. What a supremely powerful and dominant bitch I am in these similar roles. I certainly know how to take control in my sessions and what better way to do this than to force my “office clerk” and “straying husband” onto their backs and force face sit them, smothering them with my divine silk panty clad bottom and trapping their ears with my strong thighs. I sat upon their chests and pinned their hands down with my feet wearing spiked heeled shoes. Ouch! No amount of protest would make me stop the crushing and squeezing and smothering. This type of face sitting is almost like wrestling and at 70 kilos I certainly can hold a strong man down firmly. I just laughed out loud when I heard their pleas of “please don’t smother me with your divine bottom?” I just adore taking complete control, however I choose to do it.



Transformation of my sissies with satin and suspenders has taken up much of my time. Satin Sissy Lorraine from Ireland visited my private basement flat in Edinburgh in late January and was really lucky to be invited to stay overnight as my personal maid and chaperone in addition to being used as my face cushion, taking light weight over my knee spanking, being locked in chastity and bondage and of course performing endless hours of foot and leg massage. Sissy Lorraine said farewell on the afternoon I wore my body hugging scarlet PVC cat suit, and after the final task of polishing this swore to return as soon as possible to receive further training as my collared and hooded slave.  Wilma has also experienced sessions as Billy my “Rubber Slut”, but on Wilma’s recent full day’s session with me, a more elegant blonde satin sissy emerged. Wilma was confident enough to wear only a coat over her uniform to go out in public at lunch time. A wonderful pair of eyelashes, blonde bobbed hairstyle and elegant French manicured nails went un-noticed. Wilma’s scarlet shoes proved to be rather uncomfortable by the 4th hour but did I let Wilma remove them or the curve chastity device? Of course not, I just let Wilma hold my dragon cane ready for when I decided to use it. Held between Wilma’s ample cheeks I was never in any danger of losing my cane. Lucky Wilma and even Luckier Satin Sissy Sue, who’s transformation gave Sue so much confidence to drive me out into the countryside while still dressed in leather skirt and high heeled thigh boots.



My all time favourite role has to be that of the strict school Headmistress. Sloppy, lazy, “stupid boy” Sarsonbutts really excelled himself in play acting for his role by chewing, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his pants, slouching and even folding his arms in a bored posture. I cannot tolerate this kind of attitude in anyone and so it was very easy to slip into my strict role as the Headmistress who only gives out the most extreme of punishments. His lines had been written in the strangest language I have ever encountered. Where there really spelling mistakes or had he become dyslexic overnight? Wearing my strictest classic white satin blouse over tight black pencil skirt tightly belted at the waist and towering over him in my 4” heels I caressed my JD tawse. He fell to his knees before me to beg for mercy before I commanded him to stretch both hands out in front of me for a strict strapping of 6 on each hand. He rubbed his hands together with tears in his eyes but still continued the chewing and the bored expression became more apparent. Now it was time for him to go over my knee, for a good, prolonged spanking. I pulled down his pants to his ankles and created a very warm rosy coloured glow on his bare cheeks. This didn’t seem to have any ill effect on him at all but my hands were smarting with my efforts. Nothing else left but to bend him over a chair and use my bad boy strap on his derriere! How many times it came down swiftly and accurately is impossible to say. A very unusual  pattern was being created and I felt my role as his strict disciplinarian was being used to good effect. Finally after more verbal instructions for lines to be written with his essay on good behaviour and punctuality, it was time for his caning. This caning was not to be a Sissy caning of “six of the classic best”, but no less than 50 well spaced accurate blows to conclude the most extreme cp session of 2009 so far.

Your strict disciplinarian


Madame  Margi