Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 29


5 Year Anniversary - 2009/02/20 07:10 February 14th


was not only St Valentine's day but also Madame Margi's day!

This was the date that I placed my first advertisement through the internet which launched me as the strict disciplinarian Madame Margi. It is now 5 years since I took the plunge and decided to accept all of your offers of submission and become your dominant guide. I must do some research into my diaries and find out exactly how many of you actually made the pilgrimage to experience a unique one to one session with your chosen domination Queen.


I know that it has often been suggested that I should think about retiring in my mature years but this has never crossed my mind. I am now so well established with an unbeatable awesome reputation that I no longer advertised for new slaves, sissies and masochists to visit me. I have my own stable of loyal regulars who are not only clients but also very good friends. Together we have shared unique memorable moments within my private chamber in my home in Lancashire and almost 4 years at my private basement apartment in Edinburgh. Some of you attend a private one to one session monthly while others may only visit every 3 months or even annually. What continually keeps me interested in my role is that you are so unique in so many ways. Everyone in this world is a total individual and this is so true with bdsm. When I began as a professional dominatrix I actually held "rehearsals" with my first true slave and timed each session to be precisely one hour, spending 10 minutes on each of my preferred services. I almost had a script of spoken commands such as, polish my shoes, kiss my suspenders and bend over. The very first session was exactly like a movie scene with a script to follow and I hated every moment of it. It was only after my second, third and fourth session that I really blossomed and became increasingly confident and dominant and already highly proficient in control.

During the first week of personal appointments I was so busy that I even organised a 2 hour abduction in strict bondage. I was so well prepared for this session and will never forget the nervous look on my young visitor's face as I confidently opened my front door dressed head to toe in black leather. I actually believed that he was under age and asked for his driving licence to prove to me that he actually was 25years old. He even brought me my first lengths of bondage rope which he had bought that day at B & Q!! I still use some of this rope today. This has to be one of my most memorable sessions to date and I remember writing an email to my very first webmaster of my original website describing my own preparations and how I spent over 3 hours that morning pacing up and down like a black panther ready to pounce on her victim!

I have never thought of retiring from the actual "hands on" sessions because for me it is the ultimate rewarding experience. I will, however be cutting back on inviting new clients and concentrating on providing more interesting exclusive sessions with my loyal band of regulars and accepting their invitations to lunch and dinner, making the most of our special meetings in every way. I shall be launching a new website this year and in addition to my third DVD "Mistress Chameleon", will be working on a fourth DVD. My mind never tires of being creative whether designing a new outfit or planning a scenario. The Headmistress, Riding Mistress, Matron and Strict Aunt are my most popular and also favourite roles, DVD scenes on these themes would be highly amusing for me. I will definitely be working more on the "revenge of the dominant wife" scenario and putting in more hours of practise with my skills of wrestling and forced face sitting.

My leather wardrobe has grown into such a vast size that I now have my clothes distributed in my homes in Paris, Edinburgh and Lancashire. This ensures that wherever I am I can be certain of wearing a leather skirt and boots with a nice selection of coats and gloves to match without having to take a heavy suitcase along with me. My collection of wigs and outfits for my transformation sessions has also increased so much in size that this too is distributed between my 3 homes. I have only a handful of loyal esclaves in Paris, over 20 in Edinburgh and probably 40 in Lancashire, but each one of you are so very special and it gives me such a warm glow of happiness to receive each email and telephone call from you all. What is really so wonderful is that so many of you are prepared to travel such long distances to meet me. This week I held 2 specially extended sessions for "Southern Slaves" who are proving to be the most generous of all with their hand chosen gifts and doing their best to prove my view that a "Southern Slave is always a "wimp"! Next month I will look forward to the second visit of my True Leather Slave from Denmark and my slave from Sweden hoped to meet me in Edinburgh this weekend but alas due to tiresome engineering works I will travel by train early Monday morning. Perhaps I should go to Sweden to visit him or even to Lapland where I also have a slave from overseas? My many admirers in USA are also proving their continued loyalty and support via gifts and as the sheer black seamed nylon stockings continue to arrive from my Nylon fetishist I will never be short of any to wear for you or to tie and torment you with!

Thank you everyone for your continued loyal support and long may I continue to reign as your supreme "Goddess of the North"!!

Your Strict disciplinarian

Madame Margi