Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 3


August 2006




A Strict Nurse in Surgery



It was Thursday evening when my first patient arrived at my private surgery for a very thorough and intimate examination by me dressed in new white pvc uniform as Strict Nurse Margi. Low cut deep plunging neckline with the shortest of hemlines, matching hat and apron. All trimmed in bright scarlet worn with red thigh boots or white patent 8” heeled platform shoes.

With eyes wide open in surprise and hands trembling, my patient Andy was ordered to undress before me. What a sad male specimen he looked. Drastic measures were taken by me to transform this sickly looking balding submissive man into an auburn haired feminised patient, wearing fishnet stockings high heeled stilettos and zip fronted, suspender corset. As he lay down on his back upon my examination couch it became obvious to me that he was in desperate need of an intimate examination and strict and sensual treatment. I covered his eyes with a black leather blindfold and secured his wrists and ankles with legs wide apart straddling my couch. His cock was extremely stiff already but I wasted no time in examining his personal equipment with latex gloved hands. Electric pads were attached to his lower regions to enable electrical impulses to inflict constant tingling pain. I secured his torso with cling wrap while leaving his nipples and cock and balls exposed. Attaching nipple clamps to his already tender pink nipples sent him moaning and squealing to my further delight. I then covered his nose and mouth with the oxygen mask covering the breathing tube with my cleavage! My force feminised patient was now firmly under sedation so I decided it was time to take action and remove the electrical pads in preparation for his operation.


After careful intimate cleansing I covered his enlarged cock with my transparent vacuum and began to use the pump to suck and squeeze my latest specimen while my restrained patient groaned and moaned beneath me. After a full hour of this treatment with interludes of queening and foot worship it was time to administer my patient’s medicine of a unique potion of my own “golden champagne” by the tumbler. Then to complete the necessary treatment I bent Andy over my whipping bench and restrained him with leather straps in preparation to receive 6 necessary firm strokes of my cane. No injections, dressings or further medication were necessary. Andy became Andrea for 2 hours in the hands of his Strict Nurse Margi and left my surgery smarting but relaxed and smiling. His course of treatment has only just begun, but I already know how many appointments he will need in the future to feed his addiction to queening and foot worship and drinking my golden nectar. Regular visits to my surgery are unavoidable for all of my slaves who wish to remain beneath my strict and sensual treatments.



Madame Margi