Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 30


A wicked week of sessions



While most of you were eating chocolate eggs and watching the daffodils bloom and also hoping the sun would shine for your Easter break, I was busy organising wicked and wonderful Easter Sessions!

On “Wicked Friday” I welcomed the return of my true Stocking Slave. I chose a sheer luxurious soft and shiny glowing ff seamed pair of point heeled nylons. To feel the sheer silkiness against my skin of these stockings is just too heavenly for words to describe. I combined the stockings with a black powerlace corselette and white lace panties. As I clipped the stockings into place with six metal suspenders, I felt transported back into the 1950's again. How I adore wearing all things retro. I sometimes feel I was born too late, because it is the 20's 30's 40's and 50's when the most elegant stylish clothes of a lady was launched and when high fashion really was at it's very best. I chose a fine black wool knee length pencil skirt and classic white satin cuffed and front buttoned long sleeved blouse. My small waist was emphasised by a broad black leather buckled belt and I chose a pair of slim heeled black leather court shoes which showed off my erotic instep and toe cleavage. How deliciously elegant and strict I looked as I peered over my black framed spectacles to answer my front door to my true "Stocking Slave"!

I do hope he writes to me with his review of our strict and sensuous encounter. We rounded off another perfect session by dining on the prepaired feta cheese salad he had so thoughtfully brought along. For my next session I wanted to impress my Leather Loving Slave and with the assistance of my Stocking Slave changed into a black satin topless steel boned corset with 6 suspenders tightly laced at the back to emphasise once again my hour glass figure. I wore a black satin bullet bra which is typical of the 50's and which Marilyn Monroe made men swoon over. Deep tan nylons with black welts, seams and cuban heels and a red and black fine lace g-string. My finest pair of soft black leather stiletto heeled Italian knee boots ensured I was already towering above my Stocking Slave and would soon be towering over my "Furry Pet"! I wore a classic black silk long sleeved front buttoned blouse with my gorgeously elegant and strict ankle length black leather skirt. Once again my small waist was emphasised by a wide leather belt. Soft black kid gloves on my hands and I was fully prepared to say farewell to my Stocking Slave and welcome my "Furry Pet"!

Can you just imagine the joy on my face when my "Furry Pet" presented me with his gift of classic chocolates? How do I keep my hourglass figure you will be asking? The answer is simple. I eat whatever I like because I use up all of my energy dominating you!!

Madame Margi
Queen of style and elegance at home in Lancashire