Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 32


Sessions in a Heat Wave- Diary 3rd July 2009



What is a girl to do when the heat is on and she has slaves to train? Change into something more suitable of course! What did I have to wear which was ultra cool and ultra sexy than my little black PVC dress? Please don’t inundate me with suggestions that topless in thigh boots would have been more appropriate!

It really didn’t matter if the sun shone and temperatures soared outdoors in Lancashire and elsewhere in the UK this week because I have my own unique methods of keeping cool. With my freezer stocked with trays of ice cubes and electric fans oscillating at maximum, I ensured that none of my naked slaves fainted because of the heat rather than my strict sadistic and sensual techniques. Having up to four sessions per day kept me busy but ruined my new sleek hairstyle. Nothing makes my hair curl more than a hot steamy session and particularly on a hot and humid day in Summer time.

At least I am now feeling in the holiday mood and raring to race down to Southern France with my luggage of skimpy bikinis, wide brimmed hats and strappy sandals. One more session with my “patient” tomorrow morning and then your strict sadistic bdsm therapist will be on her way. You won’t get the opportunity to miss me too much over the next 3 weeks because I shall always be available via text or emails even if I have to take my laptop onto the beach. When I return to Lancashire in late July & to Edinburgh in early August fully energised with renewed vitality, you will be in awe of my passion for my role as your Queen of Domination.  Meanwhile it’s “Carry on Whipping” in something short and cool in tune with the climate.


Madame Margi