Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 33


Lancashire Lash in Lashing Lancs



There’s no place quite like home is there? Or is there? After 3 long leisurely relaxing weeks of golf, beach, dining, shopping and sunshine it’s back to lashing it down Lancs for your Lancashire Lash! A new chauffeur collected me from Manchester airport yesterday and drove me home wearing his most unusual uniform of tights bra and panties beneath his more sombre uniform. No rest for the wicked and I certainly never ceased to be my naturally wicked self even when on holiday. Whips and gags and nipple clamps were hidden in my luggage wherever I went.

It’s going to be a busy few days for me in my home town from this afternoon when Slave Trevor arrives to take me shopping and out for dinner. He doesn’t know yet but I intend to photograph him sucking upon my stiletto heels beneath the dining table. Failure to do this to my high standards will earn him a good whipping outdoors! Andy Pandy returns tomorrow to polish my PVC mini dress and be used for my sadistic pleasure while strapped into the bondage chair and my Leather Pet will be trained further on collar and lead in the evening. A srict cp session is one to really look forward to on Friday afternoon with me in one of my favourite roles as Severe Head Mistress.

Saturday afternoon you will find me on the train once again heading north as swiftly as possible for Edinburgh. Caro will be there to meet me at Waverley Station and after a weekend of exploring and enjoying the city sights I shall be in full vibrant mood to tackle my overflowing diary of sessions next week. Full news and latest live photos on my membership pages.

Madame Margi
Lancashire Lash