Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 34





I hear a loud knock upon my door. I am dressed in my favourite leather outfit of shiny white satin blouse, opaque black tights, mini skirt and over the knee high heeled boots. A parcel addressed to me from my Satin Sissy in Ireland Lorraine is held out in the hands of a very skinny small bespectacled balding postman! “Parcel for Ms Margaron”, he squeaks with hands trembling as I stand in my doorway with hands on my hips towering high above him. “Yes, that’s me, thank you”. I am certain at this point his glasses steamed up although the sun was shining warmly and the sky a clear blue. I signed my name and glared down at him for a second before tossing my head back and laughing loudly. “Haven’t you ever seen a lady dressed like me before?” “Never Madam” he stammered. I adore receiving gifts from my admirers and slaves by post. It was then that I noticed the seal was broken on the large box! I examined the contents to discover that a pair of lace topped hold ups was missing and a black silk nightdress and also a pair of satin panties. My adoring Sissy Lorraine had given me a full description of my latest gifts of lingerie and I was extremely angry. It was perfectly clear to me that the Postman was nothing but a lingerie thief!



Today I was fully prepared for my next expected delivery by post. “Why don’t you come in while I sign for this package?” I breathed as the small skinny man held out a form for me to sign upon receipt of my latest gift of sheer nylon stockings from the USA. I locked my front door and took out the key. Slapping his silly open mouthed face with my leather gloved hand I shouted that the game was up and I was not prepared to allow his disgraceful behaviour continue without suffering the consequences. I stripped him of his uniform and revealed his choice of underwear was in fact a pair of black satin panties, lace topped hold up stockings and even one of my missing tan ff nylons tied around his pathetic tiny willy! “I am the Boot Mistress you pathetic thief and you will now serve me as I wish and be tormented and punished for my amusement. I shall take photographs & movies of your humiliation and should this ever happen again I promise to publish them all on the internet”.



I enjoyed myself at his expense for the whole afternoon. I have to say that he actually made an excellent foot stool, face cushion and boot boy. I did forgive him before he said his farewell, because a red hot backside from the hard side of my hairbrush and slippers would certainly give him something to remember me by apart from the taste of my high heeled leather boots.