Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 35


My Diary – 1st September August in Edinburgh



August in Edinburgh was a brilliant month for me and those who travelled to attend such a wide variety of personal sessions. On Sunday lunch time I was dining alfresco in the hot sunny garden of a chateau in Vexin. How appropriate that your “Vixen” of domination should spend my weekend in Vexin! By mid afternoon I was already on my way by train and bus to CDG airport Paris. My flight to Edinburgh was delayed by almost 2 hours and this is something I find very frustrating at all times. However, it is always better to arrive at my destiny safely rather than not at all, so I settled down to my book with the suitable title of “Sadomasochism for Accountants” with a gin and tonic already mentally preparing for my hectic schedule of the week ahead in Scotland. I arrived in “auld reekie” after 22:30 with only my lightweight valise containing a black lace corselette, bullet bra girdle and silk knickers, an assortment of sheer seamed nylon stockings, wide leather buckled belt, leather hood, nipple clamps and my “precious baby” the JD Lochgelly tawse! What more could any strict dominatrix need for a weekend in Vexin or a week in Edinburgh? The weather was warm and windy and all I wished for was a speedy taxi ride to my basement in the Georgian New Town. No taxis? Thank heaven for reliable speedy Edinburgh buses. I jumped onto the bus and arrived in George Street at lightning speed with my fellow passengers from all over the globe. Was this speed legal I wondered? I enjoyed the wind blowing my hair and opportunity to exercise as I headed downhill to the quiet lane of my apartment. Slave Caro was unavailable that evening but true to his devotion to me had already hung up my outfits in the wardrobes and filled my cupboards with cereals, a loaf and my favourite teas. Milk, butter, lime marmalade and fresh orange juice were in the fridge. My b.d.s.m baggage was already there ahead of me and it felt good to be back in the cosy basement with all of my essential belongings around me.  I spent an hour unpacking various items of medical and bondage equipment , cp implements and hanging my own red and black curtains at the windows before falling into the four poster bed wearing a favourite short black satin nightdress.



At 8:00 a.m. I was up and raring to go after a long leisurely bath sipping tea and crunching on toast and marmalade. My Satin Sissy Agatha was due to arrive at 10:30 and Slave Caro would be on his way to assemble the mirror, whipping bench and queening stool before my busy week began. The session was terrific and I chose the theme of Strict Aunt for our 2 hour appointment. My basement is so versatile with 2 rooms to adapt according to the storyline. The windowless bedroom at the end of the dark corridor has an iron framed bed where I invent many reasons to keep “naughty nephews” and others there secured by ropes, straps and chains. The other higher bed is covered with erotic red satin sheets and perfect for face sitting, over my knee spanking and also punishment by my collection of leather straps. It is no wonder that August in Edinburgh was yet another memorable time for me with 100% attendance as usual. I whipped, spanked, kidnapped and even wrestled my way through the week. It was festival time in Edinburgh I had no time to attend any events but was more than delighted when participants of the festival came to me. The week ended on Friday afternoon with another strict cp session for my “Gladiator” who always plays such wonderful renditions on the piano for me before his departure south by motorbike. When his buttocks are glowing bright red after extreme spanking, paddling and caning his journey will always be a hot and memorable one after his visit to his chosen Queen of domination in killer heel boots and satin blouse!