Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 36


2009 My Diary October
Countess of Control

I am the true mature strict disciplinarian. The ultimate Countess of Control. I have been controlling my subs by a steely glance of my clear blue eyes and a soft husky whisper of my voice for almost 6 years now. My dress style has always been elegant and stylish. You won’t find another dominatrix who wears such expensive classic attire as me. You may believe that after 6 years I no longer wish to take on the challenge of taming novices or hardened masochists. On the contrary I relish a challenge. I have learnt all I know about bdsm from my adoring slaves from all over the world.  I have practised my cp skills upon their bare flesh and most of my precious collection of cp implements were given to me as gifts by those wishing to bend over for me.

Today I became totally engrossed in a roleplay session with a novice old enough to be my “naughty nephew in reality. I played his Strict Aunt with such realism that he couldn’t believe how wonderful an experience this could be. He was scolded by his Aunt Margaron, forced to dress in my satin knickers, with a sheer nylon stocking tied firmly around his genitals. Then the ultimate test, when I hitched up my tight skirt to reveal wonderful stocking tops and suspenders and pulled his sturdy 15 stone frame over my knees. I spanked him hard and methodically with my bare hand on his wobbly “girl’s bottom”. He may have been young fit and strong but when I’m in charge no man is allowed to have his head higher than mine. My latest novice was reluctant to leave after a forced full weight face sitting, bondage and sensory deprivation with ice and hot wax torments. He polished my shoes and sucked upon my killer heels with such an appetite. I knew how much he would adore being allowed to kiss all six of the suspender clips on my girdle. He’ll return soon and next time book two hours rather than one.

My diary is overflowing with appointments but I have decided to arrange a maximum of 2 sessions per day to enable me to give everyone the very best of my time. Many of my appointments run into 3 hours or more and it simply isn’t fair on anyone if I feel I have to rush our exclusive reserved time just because someone else is due to follow. I have even begun to arrange Sunday sessions for those I know very well and who are 100% reliable.

I must admit then when I’ve been to Paris for the weekend playing golf, dining and shopping I begin to feel starved of my role as the Countess of Control and cannot wait to put a whip into my hand and step into my thigh boots upon my return. Of course my monthly trips to Edinburgh are always my busiest and late October is already fully booked in advance. Before I leave for “auld reekie” I can really feast upon a strict Judicial Punishment arranged for one of my “southern softies” who is determined to prove me wrong. JP sessions are not for the feint hearted and in my opinion only a true Scot or Lancashire Lad can endure a true strict JP with me. Time will tell and as the old saying goes “the proof is in the pudding” so watch this space for my report on this session arranged for late October.

Yours Countess of Control