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Strict Judicial or Office Slave? - 2009/11/27 22:30 My bdsm baggage is almost packed and with a full diary of appointments before I even arrive in Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon the race is on for who will be the first to attend a Strict Judicial Punishment Session or become yet another successful candidate for the enviable position of my Office Slave?



As per usual Slave Caro shall meet me at Waverley Station and as he falls to his knees to kiss my boots and present me with a single red rose as I step from the train, my week of bdsm in Edinburgh has truly begun. We shall be very busy for most of Saturday afternoon unpacking and organising my basement but later in the evening we shall be dressed up as the glamorous couple for dinner. Slave Caro will transform himself into glamorous Carolyn. All heads will turn when we make our grand entrance into the selected restaurant. I shall be dressed in dominant black leather and boots and Carolyn will wear something classic and elegant. I may even take my black riding crop along just to ensure we have the best of table service and also to keep Carolyn under control.



Should you find yourself in the city centre tomorrow evening please don't forget to look out for two extremely tall elegant ladies giggling together like a pair of teenagers. After a good night's beauty sleep I shall be up early on Sunday morning to welcome my Gladiator for his monthly dose of strict cp. There is nothing quite like a week of bdsm in Edinburgh when Slave Caro and his alter ego Carolyn are in attendance. Please don't miss me too much my Lancashire Lads because I shall be available again in my home town from Monday 7th December and you can always contact me by email or mobile wherever I am on my travels.



Your English BDSM Therapist
The Lancashire Lash

Madame Margi
(on the eve of another bdsm week in Edinburgh)