Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 38


Wonderful Week in Edinburgh - 2009/12/04




I'm so lucky to have so many loyal slaves and friends up here in Edinburgh. I have Slave Caro who transforms himself into my best buddy Carolyn for our girly nights out on the town and who meets me at Waverley station with a single red rose when I arrive from Lancashire. Caro also bravely bends over and pushes his bottom well out for my cane during his regular monthly 2 hour bdsm session. Wilma is my eldest slave of all at 76 years and he also loves to be transformed from Billy my Rubber Slut into Wilma my adoring Handmaiden and Satin Sissy. It is truly amazing how many have enquired about the blonde lady who bends over for my cane and paddle in my MM LIVE DVD's because this lady is actually Billy aged 76 years young. Slave Caro is 64 years young and looks more youthful in every photo shoot we do together. I am always happy to see my "Girly Boy" who is a true leather fetishist and he is in my younger age group of Toy Boys but looks almost like a teenager with his long golden hair. Could it be that when you visit me regularly we all actually become more youthful in our appearance and our attitude? I can honestly say that I have never had such a wonderful week of fun in Edinburgh than this one.



Sarsonbutts is not only my true Scottish Masochist but also a true loyal friend and last month he took me to Liverpool to see Andrea Bocelli in concert. This week r I caned him 50 times, paddled him 100 times, and strapped his hands expertly 12 times and then his bottom 20 times. I draped him over my knee for a more leisurely hand spanking and chat. As his buttocks wobbled and glowed beneath my hands I told him of my latest news and what ridiculous remarks I receive by email. This week I held a cp session for a new chap who bravely took his punishment with a relaxed smile. I expertly gave him 18 of my JD on his outstretched palms while he knelt before me. He complimented me on my skills and professional approach and also my unique vintage teacher's gown. I was so dismayed when I opened an email from him the following day criticizing my skills in hand strapping and actually attached a link to another Mistress’s website to show me how she uses a tawse. I was very annoyed that someone new could feel he had to comment in this way. I always do things "My Way". I use all of my implements safely and accurately without any risk of injury or permanent scarring. By asking my "naughty boys" to kneel before me makes me stand taller than I already am and by placing my tawse carefully on the centre of their outstretched palms I am firstly getting into the correct position and distance for an accurate shot. I never miss and injure the delicate wrist area and neither do I perform in such a way to cause injury to myself. Each stroke is done with perfection and Sarsonbutts has written much about this here on my forum. If Sarsonbutts wasn't camera shy I would be delighted to show all of you my special extreme cp skills especially with the JD tawse to enable you all to make up your minds about how skilled I am. A second email with silly comments was one from a chap who was boasting about his ability to take extreme over the knee spanking. He told me about well know Mistresses of the North who couldn't spank him hard enough and threw down the gauntlet for me declaring that one Mistress was merely left handed! I spank with both of my hands and can comfortably continue at a firm pace for an hour or more. I really do hope that these other mature well renowned ladies of discipline don't hear of his moans because we may be tempted to invite him for a joint session to teach him a well earned lesson in the future!


Now I must prepare myself for my other more mature slave "A" who travels such a long distance to session with me in Edinburgh and in Lancashire and who I adore transforming into "Agatha" as my Silk Loving Sissy. I planned to dress Agatha in a pair of my red silk knickers but alas Wilma stole this pair on Tuesday and refuses to return them until next month. Wilma!! You are in big trouble and you even escaped without being fitted with your chastity device. In January your caning will be increased to 30 strokes and there will be no sensual face sitting as normal just hard slavery tasks for you to perform while securely locked into the curve! I've had a truly wonderful week in Edinburgh and wish to thank all of you for attending and bringing me special gifts, taking me out to dinner and lunch. Once again with 100% attendance I was sorry to disappoint those of you who applied too late, but please don't despair because I shall be back in 2010 with more enthusiasm than ever. Keep safe and well my adoring slaves and sissies and have a wonderful Festive Season in Auld Reekie.

The True English Queen of Domination

Magnificent MM