Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 4


My travel news for 5th September 2006




I have just enjoyed a very unusual weekend in the city of Manchester with my submissive TV from Scotland Carolyn. We shopped for leather boots and shoes in the city centre on Saturday afternoon and dined out in Manchester’s finest restaurants on Friday and Saturday evening. As usual I wore high heeled shoes and boots with different elegant outfits throughout the weekend. In my suitcase I took a whip, tawse, crop, blindfold, handcuffs, rope and my bully boy strap on cock. Taking the whip, crop and tawse to Carolyn’s pale and plump backside in the hotel bedroom was the highlight of the weekend for us both. On Saturday afternoon I strode into The Living Room wine bar on Deansgate where I was instantly recognised by charming barman Darren who ushered us to a private table with leather sofa. What items did I buy on my shopping trip? A large black, wide brimmed hat, a black satin tie, black tailored shirt, black striped tights and self adhesive bondage tape. I was tempted to buy at least 6 pairs of black leather boots but my personal wardrobe is already overflowing so on this occasion I did resist temptation to splash out on a new pair of thigh boots to complete my new Buccaneer look for my future DVD. Carolyn could not resist an elegant pair of green kitten heeled sling backs to complement her new evening ensemble. What an elegant pair we made as we strolled along canal street in the “gay village”. I couldn’t resist posing with the victory sign along with Winston’s portrait. What a strict and stern Prime Minister I would be in power at No.10!

As I return to my home town and session with my loyal slaves I am feeling more and more powerful in my role of domination. Further and further I have stretched Trevor, Rob and Andy Pandy this week. Their senses were totally confused by my alternative methods of severe sadist to sweet and sensual siren. All three thanked me afterwards by text messages. I presume all three are too shy to write a review of their experiences with me so I will reveal a little of what beheld them to you myself.


Trevor’s regular session was for over three hours. He was chaperoning me for the afternoon while I dominated a new slave in my chamber. I locked him into my tiny office viewing my latest DVD scene directly from Cologne. When I returned to command him into my chamber for his own session I caught him red handed watching live sex videos! I was disgusted with him and dragged him by his ears into my chamber where he received a good scalding before I put him firmly over my knee to spank his bare bottom for a full 30 minutes. This was enough for a little warm up. Now it was time for something more serious. While he stood up with his hands supporting him on my throne I grabbed my leather paddle and swung it firmly onto his red cheeks over 100 times. Then I roughly pushed him into the corner and suspended him by his wrists to be at my total mercy. His eyes were open wide with apprehension and fear. I changed into Nurse Severe’s PVC uniform and thigh high scarlet PVC boots and proceeded to kick him in the groin. My damp panties were removed and pushed into his open mouth to provide an excellent gag to stifle his screams. I strapped up his cock and balls and then began to tease him and stroke his face, inserting my fingers to suck and then kicked him harder directly in his cock and balls. After 3 hours of similar alternative treatment he left my home stunned but smiling and content.

Rob’s session was his second visit to me. Rob had requested a face sitting session with the Queen of Domination who has a reputation for serious Queening of a most sensual nature. On this occasion I proceeded to sit upon his face wearing my skin tight leather pants. Gently but firmly I gyrated my bottom onto his upturned face and then squeezed my thighs inwards to his cheeks and ears to smother him completely. It was very arousing for us both. Then I moved Rob to my bondage bench and strapped him down securely with heavy ankle spreaders to open his legs as wide as possible. His wrists secured by leather and chain cuffs behind his back. I pulled a leather hood over his head and laced it tightly only leaving his mouth exposed. Then I returned as Dr Margaron with red and black satin lingerie beneath my clinical white coat ready to perform surgery or was it just a very special treatment for my face cushion?  Once again face cushion Rob was left stunned and smiling at the end of his 90 minute appointment, with a promise to return for more as soon as possible.



Today Andy Pandy returned to my private chamber after an absence of six days! The sight of slave Trevor receiving my attention on my latest galleries drove him to beg for a further appointment at noon today. Last week Andy presented me with some new medical toys for his own personal use. A urethral probe and anal vibrating bullet! Andy is becoming more and more daring on each of our sessions. This morning I had been weeding my garden and found a very handsome clump of wild nettles! How would Andy react to this form of torture? With him secured in suspension I set to work after blindfolding his eyes and turning down the bright lights with the chamber music adjusted to full volume! Kicking and kneeing him in the groin as he had begged me to do. Caning, his permanently erect cock and inserting the urethral prove fully into his erection. I sadistically delighted in continuously dripping hot wax from a black taper candle. I then secured it with a leather strap and finally hung a very heavy weight from the chain. I swung the chain with attached weight to and fro and then lightly touched and tickled his cock with nettles. As he yelped in agony I soothed his fevered brow with ice cubes and my gloved hand. He sucked on my fingers and I unzipped my dress to reveal more cleavage. “Could I have a drink of water please Nurse?” he asked. “Of course you can my patient” I replied. I held a full glass of water up in front of him and took a mouthful myself before spitting it all over his face and chest. Then filled my mouth once more and transferred his drink directly from my ruby red painted lips to his. It was time to release my patient from suspension but not from my chamber. Now his arms were strapped and tied into red leather arm binders behind his back and a blindfold was still covering his eyes. “On your knees before me” I commanded. To my softly spoken commands of “polish, suck my heels, suck the toes and kiss my boots” Andy was guided through his enthusiastic performance of polishing my scarlet thigh high boots once more.

On the evening of Friday 8th September I leave for a weekend in Paris and will return on Tuesday 12th September. I have a busy week ahead of me with personal sessions in my home chamber but after another strict and sensual session in maid training with my Satin Sissy Agnes on Friday 15th September at noon, I will be hastily packing the outsized red suitcase for another weekend in Cologne. During this weekend I will meet two new German slaves and also continue filming my future DVD in my alter ego roles. I return to Lancashire again on Monday evening 18th September. Next month I will be available for personal sessions in Edinburgh from the private apartment I have used successfully on previous visits. I am available from 9th to 19th October excluding the weekend. Four of my loyal slaves in Scotland have already booked appointments with me in advance. Should you be another Scottish sub or just be in Edinburgh during these dates contact me as soon as possible to avoid disappointment if you wish to take advantage of this rare opportunity to session with me.


Madame Margi