Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 40


Whipping Welcome for Slave Trevor



I arrived to a freezing snow clad Manchester Airport from Paris after spending Christmas and New Year with my adoring Esclave de Paris. The fashion boutiques, theatres, restaurants and art galleries of Paris seemed a million miles away as I stepped from the plane onto the  tarmac wearing my long scarlet coat over my most elegant black leather outfit and boots. My most devoted slave and friend Trevor was waiting to collect me at the terminal entrance. He greeted me with a very warm smile and took care of my luggage with his usual efficiency.  We chatted away on the journey to my home on the edge of the west Pennine moors and I suggested we take a detour to my favourite restaurant for a hearty meal to celebrate my homecoming.  This restaurant has always inspired me to fantasise about dominating at least one of my slaves after enjoying good food and wine. The restaurant was formerly a farm house with attached barn and stables and the beamed ceilings are high with a raised area at the barn end. The snow was falling heavily as we drove into the car park and Trevor carried my large leather handbag and gave me his arm as support for the short walk in the deep snow to the open door. The restaurant was almost empty and I chose my favourite table in the raised area in front of the roaring log fire.  The meal was excellent and I washed the steak down with a large glass of red wine. I was feeling wickedly dominant now and decided to have a word in the ear of the restaurant owner.

The restaurant was now empty and all doors secured with curtains drawn.  Trevor seemed anxious to leave but I stopped him in his tracks and commanded him to strip. He always obeys me and peeled off his warm winter layers to reveal his pale goose-pimpled flesh but large erection. I pulled out a pair of soft black leather gloves, length of rope, wrist and ankle cuffs and bullwhip from my bag.  Trevor stood before me with hands behind his back and I held his erection firmly in my left hand while pulling his head back with my right. Looking directly into his eyes I spat upon his open mouthed face and slapped him hard across both cheeks. The timing was perfect and my bosom heaved as the sadistic adrenaline flowed through my veins. “Down on your knees dog and lick my boots” I hissed.  I stood tall and took a haughty stance with legs apart, one hand on my hip and the other pointing towards my dirt clad stiletto boots. My long leather skirt brushed the short hairs on Trevor’s naked back and as he went to work with his tongue, he trembled.  I fastened his studded collar around his neck, cuffs around both wrists and ankles and commanded him to throw the rope over the highest beam. As if by my own magic I had him secured and suspended by his wrists with ankles spread wide and awaiting his fate in my cruel hands. With bullwhip in my right hand I stepped back and carefully took aim in the direction of his buttocks and the soft tender area of his groin. The cracks of my whip combined with the crackling flames of the roaring fire and his own roars of pain brought the landlord and his daughter into view. They fell to their knees before me and kissed my  boots, they too had fallen under my spell exactly as my Slave Trevor had so many years before.

Domination 2010 had already begun ……!

Madame Margi