Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 41


Trust, fantasies and enduring loyalty

All three of the above apply to many of you who have attended unique personal sessions over the last 6 years. Trust is a vital ingredient for any session. If you don’t trust me wholeheartedly then I cannot take you by the hand and bring out your submissive or masochistic qualities which have been hidden deep down over the years. Trust must be mutual. I will never invite anyone to meet me who I do not trust from the outset. A good telephone manner is essential when ringing me. Too many text messages at unsociable hours and in brief text language never impress me but will certainly do the opposite and irritate me enough to block you before we meet. You must take your time and sit down and write to me in the proper manner exactly as you would when applying for any position. I need your name, age, experience and full list of your bdsm interests in addition to your location. A fictitious name is always acceptable, but never lie about your age or give a false mobile number. I couldn’t believe that a newcomer attempted to deceive me into stating that his age was 55 years when he clearly looked old enough to be my Father!

Fantasies are wonderful. I adore enacting a scenario and making your fantasies come true. My all time favourite has to be the Strict Aunt with the Headmistress following in second place. I find my different role play so rewarding when I am realistically scolding my “naughty boys” for playing truant, reading pornographic literature, stealing my knickers or smoking and drinking under age! Sometimes it has taken some of you almost a lifetime to have the courage to seek out someone like me and confess your hidden boyhood fantasies. How rewarding for me to send you home with a red hot backside and my strict voice still ringing in your ears after your confession and appropriate punishment. Not many dominant ladies are as mature as me and my age is always a bonus in these scenarios. I also have a fantastic collection of seriously lethal straps, canes and whips, wooden paddle hairbrushes and my well worn slippers. No punishment is as exhilarating in my mind as a genuine strict over the knee spanking. I spank a bare bottom over my knee for at least one hour, using both hands with interludes of scalding and gentle stroking of the inflamed buttocks. It really is the most mutually stimulating experience and one which I highly recommend to even the most nervous of novices.

When we have established mutual trust in each other and carried out our secret fantasies the road has just begun and the enduring relationship between us as Mistress and Sub will continue for years. You have all heard mention of my Slave Trevor who has been both pupil, nephew, slave and masochist over the years. I also have many more loyal regulars who fit into one of these categories. What some of you don’t realise that I am far more than just a professional dominatrix to my loyal regulars. I have become their friend and have promised to always be here for them whenever they need me. Not many of us have perfect private lives. I am a good listener and proud to support those of you in times of stress, ill health and other personal crises. You have also supported me in my times of need and I continue to be proud to be your chosen Queen of Domination because it is all thanks to your enduring trust, loyalty and support that I continue to be here for you today after 6 wonderful years.


Madame Margi