Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 42


Tied teased and tormented or spanked strapped and caned?


I really enjoy dressing up in a most provocative and dominant outfit and taking total control. Last week in Edinburgh I transformed Paul into Paula and held him prisoner in a chair, secured with rope and silk scarves, then teased and tormented him to my heart’s content. There is nothing quite like using a gag, hood or blindfold and lots of rope bondage to put one of my slaves under complete control then using all of my feminine traits to really tease him into arousal and yet deny him everything but keep him there for hours while really giving out painful torments. Newly acquired vibrating nipple clamps went down a treat both in Edinburgh and at my home Whipping Base in Lancashire.

Andy Pandy has been attending exclusive sessions with me for over 6 years now and yet he can have multiple orgasms by my secret methods of alone. I know of no other who reacts to the touch of a tens unit applied to his erect penis while gagged or wearing a rubber gasmask than my Andy Pandy. Yesterday I strapped him securely to my bondage bench and never uttered a sound and yet it was he who was moaning out loud continuously as I applied deep heat, vibrating sounds and rubber tipped pegs to his lower regions. This session was simply sensational and I wore a revealing PVC dress for  his adoration.

By evening I was in a different guise as your Supremely Cruel Countess of Control and Punishment. CP was the only thing on my mind when my newly acquired slave arrived at 6:30. He did give me the impression of a Southern Wimp and yet he had driven from the Royal Mile in Edinburgh that afternoon with only a mission of total submission on his mind. I spanked him over my knee while wearing my gorgeous soft black leather skirt and then allowed him a special treat to be spanked while I raised my hemline to reveal those wonderful metal clasps of my six suspenders and heavenly sheer silk nylon stockings. This lucky boy continued to allow me to use my very well worn leather paddle which was given to me so many years ago by my good friend The Tawsemaker. His bottom seemed to be getting a warmer red glow but I wasn’t truly satisfied until I showed him my precious “baby” the JD Lochgelly tawse! I secured him face down onto my bondage bench and let fly! Woosh and wack and what a wonderful effect of marks being created on such a wobbly pink bottom! I adore my JD tawse but he wasn’t brave enough to take any strokes on his hands, pity! He seemed to want me to push his limits to the max so I did exactly that with 10 strokes of the Bad Boy strap, 10 strokes of the 4 tailed school strap and finished with 20 of my very flexible red handled extra heavy Dragon Cane. His final words were “how long should I wait before I return for more Madame?” The sooner the better because strict cp really does excite me to the very maximum but thank you to all 3 of you for attending and stretching my own limits.

Madame Margi
Cruel Countess of Control