Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 44


No Pain No gain!

Not all of my slaves ask for the kiss of my whip or the sting of my cane but I am determined to persuade everyone to at least take 6 of the best from a flexible lightweight cane and at least 2 strokes of my fabulously cruel and accurate JD tawse. After all they are with me to give me pleasure and without pain there can be no gain for either of us!

Slave Trevor always needs a refresher course for his training and yesterday provided a rare opportunity with a newcomer cancelling at the last minute and me with hours to spare to resume his training as my most loyal serving slave.

I have recently enjoyed cp outdoors in my very large secluded woodland garden and my bondage chair has remained outside since the hot summer days of June. I was dressed in one of my strictest outfits which has become a firm favourite of a fan across the pond in USA. This lucky gentleman has bought 3 pairs of my tight white riding pants, leather gloves, sheer long sleeved blouse and worn panties. I had promised him some new photos of me wearing his favourite outfit and I felt so powerful striding around me garden taking aim at Trevor with my sjambok while he composed some new striking images of me.

Later we returned indoors and I thoroughly enjoyed using him as my stool, and of course he polished my muddy boots to perfection with his ever eager slave’s tongue. After the training session was over I changed my blouse for a tight fitting black sweater and short leather jacket but still wearing tight white jodphurs and black knee boots we escaped into the countryside to visit one of my favourite areas to take a brisk walk with Trevor still at my heels taking care to be obedient with head bowed at all times. He knows I never go anywhere without a whip in my handbag!

Madame Margi