Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 45


My Diary December 2010

Spanking in Lancashire, Strapping in Edinburgh and Whipping in Paris

December is always a very busy month for me and I don’t mean because of decorating a tree or shopping for gifts, stuffing a turkey, or baking mince pies! I mean I am busy during the last calendar month of the year at 3 locations dominating my many slaves, subs and sissies with all of my energy before we all begin to unwind, pull a few crackers, drink a few drams of  whisky and look forward to a New Year.

I visited Edinburgh on a “secret weekend” to give my most loyal supporters the opportunity to session with me on private invitation only.  Satin Sissy Maid Wilma was the first to enjoy the delights of strict and sensual spontaneous domination with me dressed in fabulous deep green silk blouse, micro mini skirt and knee boots. Wilma is my most senior Sissy and looks really amazing transformed into the blue satin full skirted dress and blonde bob. Many have seen my live videos of strict caning and believed his smooth bottom was actually female. I was as strict as possible and gave Wilma a good hard spanking, flogging, caning and enjoyed fabulous foot worship before settling myself down for some full weight face sitting.  Wilma also treated me to a fantastic lunch at Prestonfield House. I had several others attending during this short weekend and my loyal Slave Caro, alias “Aunty Carolyn” slept over on Saturday evening after we dined out Spanish style wearing our fabulous furs, high heeled boots and made to measure leather gloves. What a glamorous couple we made.  On Sunday morning the snow was falling thickly and I was quite relieved to be travelling south by train to Lancashire after a pot of tea in the Balmoral Hotel.

I returned to my home “Whipping Base” in Lancashire on Sunday evening to freezing temperatures. I had a busy diary of appointments for the week ahead and enjoyed my double sessions with Satin Sissy Roberta and Nylon Slave Arthur.  During the session with Roberta we cleverly set up a remote control for the camera and with every spank of his bare bottom he clicked the remote to take a shot of the live action. This was the first time I had threatened “naughty nephew” that I would transform him entirely in shiny sugar pink satin with frilly knickers and curly wig Barbara Cartland style as part of his humiliation and punishment for stealing yet another pair of my knickers from my bathroom last month!  He certainly had a very rosy red bottom to tone in with the pink outfit and also to keep him warm on the journey home. My Nylon Slave Arthur travelled a very long way to see me in freezing conditions and in deep snow. He had sent me a fabulous pre-Christmas gift of vintage lingerie in sheer transparent black nylon organza and I was wearing this beneath my more sombre outfit of Headmistress blouse, skirt and gown. You never know what the Headmistress might be wearing if you make an appointment with her or indeed what punishments she may decide you deserve!


I flew to Paris hoping to take advantage of milder weather but this has not been the case so far. I had arranged to meet Esclave de Paris on Tuesday morning for our bdsm rendezvous at a private location and it began to snow heavily just as I was changing into leather corset, sheer stockings and high heels. My bdsm valise was packed with all kinds of interesting things including 5 lethal cruel whips. I bound naked Esclave with rope and secured him by his wrists to the door casing of a large room. He was to be target practise for my bullwhip! He wriggled about and cried out in fear but all I did was laugh out loud and take careful aim. Whizz and crack! The bullwhip was on target across his naked back and very soon the red stripes were merging into one red abstract design. I was flying in my sadistic power. I released him and commanded foot and leg worship while pulling on his long hair and slapping him across his face. I dragged him onto a bed and used him as my Face Cushion. I was wearing the wonderful transparent organza panties and the eroticism was almost too much for him to bear.  Finally we relaxed with a glass of wine and he took photos of me exactly as I was with the addition of his furry Russian style hat and huge dark glasses to make me look even more powerful.

Thank you so much everyone for making 2010 such a special year for me and with another  two weeks to go of exclusive sessions I’m certain this year will really go out with a BANG!!