Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 47


2011 - My Diary 5 January

Full Steam ahead into 2011

2011 has begun full steam ahead. Slaves young and old, new and loyal are flocking at my door for my strict dominant attention. This is the year to discover new pain, passion, and pleasures under my total control. Previous meek and mild experiences will be cast aside and you will trust me to lead you forward into a world where there are no boundaries. I am the true Queen of domination, Lady of Leather, Countess of Control. You will forget all of your previous weaknesses and embrace the pain I inflict upon you. Captured within the embrace of my powerful web you will allow your body and mind to be taken on a journey of endless sensations.

I stand before you dressed in fabulous black leather. My skirt is soft and shiny and clings well to the curves of my hips, revealing the bumps of suspenders I wear beneath to secure sheer black seamed nylon stockings. Follow the skirt down to my boots. High heels and pointed toes fitted up to my knees with sharp steel spurs fastened at my ankles. You long for me to grasp your growing erection in my leather gloves. You ache to be caressed by me. I slip a hood over your head and secure a collar around your neck. You will be bound at wrist and ankles by leather cuffs and secured by steel chains, legs apart and arms high above your head. Your penis and nipples are exposed and invite my torment. Steel clamps attached to your nipples and leather straps encase your cock and balls tightly. I never take my eyes off you. My tightly laced steel boned leather bodice enhances my hourglass curves, pushing my large full breasts upwards. You long to smell and taste the sweet softness of my exposed skin on my neck and shoulders. I slap you hard across both cheeks and spit into your wide open mouth. Gently I caress your naked chest, your buttocks and inner thighs. I turn around and slowly walk away, leaving you to ponder your fate as my devoted slave.

I own you.

You belong to me.

I am your true Queen of Domination, Lady of Leather, Countess of Control