Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 49


2011 – Diary 1st May


Passion for Domination

I really do have a true passion for domination. Whenever I am preparing my “Whipping Base” within my own private home in Lancashire I feel so proud. I remove my collection of cruel whips, floggers and straps from my secure black leather case and inhale the unique scent of each and caress them lovingly before displaying them around the scarlet walls of my upper bdsm chamber. There is absolutely nothing quite so thrilling for me then to open this case and see my lovely collection all lying together like my most precious family. Only when used by my powerfully sadistic hands to they really come to life and create the most splendid stripes in various shades of pink through to deep crimson and blue. I adore them all but my favourite is always my JD Lochgelly tawse which is the same age as myself and very precious to me for many reasons. My leather cuffs, collars, gags and hoods are displayed but other items remain hidden inside the black cabinet. A cruel pair of steel nipple clamps takes pride of place on my wall above the rack of whips and the soft Ostrich Feather plume hangs from a black satin ribbon above the bondage bed. Already my pulse is racing, my cheeks are flushed and my eyes are sparkling in anticipation as a new day of domination dawns.

My collection of canes are treated to a soak in my bath after they have rested in a cool dark place overnight, sleeping peacefully and looking so innocent and harmless. My favourite dragon cane is long and shiny with a crooked handle and very well used. I am filled with so much passion when I flex this before my terrified “prisoners” awaiting their strict judicial punishment. I can easily use this to cane severely with well spaced strokes and total accuracy for full effect. When I raise my right arm to take aim and hear the whistle of my cane as it speeds through the air then makes contact with bare flesh it thrills me so much. I am truly sadistic and with my inner sensual passion for being so powerful and cruel, I can almost orgasm with the thrill of my cp sessions.

Spanking is a milder form of punishment and can also be a very sensual experience for my “bottoms”. I prefer to force my “bottom” to wear a very feminine lace trimmed silky pair of knickers to make them feel even more humiliated and vunerable when I pull those knickers down and expose their nakedness while they lie across my lap with me sitting on a straight backed chair or the bondage bed. I begin gently while wearing leather gloves and if my “bottom” should seem tense I caress his buttocks, back of his neck and head and also lightly stroke between his thighs to relax him. When my gloves are removed, the noise of my slaps increases and the pain becomes very stingy indeed while the buttocks wobble to the rhythm of my slaps and I increase speed and pressure until I am almost spent and breathless. Wow! Everyone enjoys spanking over my knee and when I have gained enough verbal protests or actual tears I allow us to rest while I just sit back and command foot-worship. Should I discover dribbles on my leather skirt I insist that these are removed immediately by his tongue. His bottom is already glowing and his tongue will soon be aching after he has polished my boots, sucked upon the stiletto heels and licked the soles clean. His final task will be to massage my aching feet and kiss my sweet toes encased in silk sheer nylon stockings before bringing my punishment shoes for me to wear for his severe whipping to continue the alternate sensations of pain and pleasure performed with passion by his chosen Queen of domination.


Madame Margi


Reflecting on Enslavement