Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 5



The last weekend was so relaxing in Paris and although I didn’t make it to the top of la tour Eiffell I certainly enjoyed myself taking a closer look at it and shopping for shoes and dining outdoors in the warm late summer weather.



I have just completed another week of wonderful sessions with my slaves:-

He knocked upon my front door  to use my phone because his car had broken down. I was just about to take my dog out for a walk and had a collar and lead in my hands. I was dressed head to foot in mysterious black leather and hat. I quickly stuffed a pair of my panties into his open mouth, secured it with tape and fastening the collar around his neck dragged him upstairs to my playroom with his wrists secured behind his back! This was how session no. 4 began. Session No. 6 has just ended with my Sissy Slut in Satin Agnes receiving a  very intimate embarrassing examination at the hands of Nurse Severe who also locked Agnes’s cock into the curve before using his face for a face cushion while wearing seductive scarlet satin knickers!

Now all that remains is for me to hastily pack my bdsm baggage ready for my journey to Manchester Airport and take the evening flight to Cologne for another weekend of exciting spontaneous shooting scenes for my future DVD.



Madame Margi