Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 50


2011 – Diary 1st May



Hot sticky weather for sessions in August never deters me. I have earned my title GODDESS OF THE NORTH through listening to your fantasies. I have learnt my superior cp skills by practising often and learning from you. I have limitless energy and enthusiasm for bdsm. Domination is a vital part of my life. When a mature Rubberist Gentleman attended his first session with me last week the temperature was soaring but so was my strict sadistic wickedly teasing self. He had written to me previously begging to be considered to be trained as my Slave in Rubber. I hesitated to guarantee that I would wear my evening length rubber gown as requested. I always prefer to dress according to my moods and of course the temperature. He arrived smelling like a walking ad for aftershave and yet he clearly hadn’t bothered to shave the bristling beard on his chin. A very bad start and zero marks for appearance before we even said hello. I glared at him and sent him for a wash and shave in my bathroom. How could he even think that a mature elegant lady like me would allow him to kiss and lick my fabulous leather boots with that nauseating appearance?

I commanded him to strip while I inspected every naked inch of his plump wrinkled body. It was hard to believe that this man was actually 10 years my junior. Hardly surprising to me when he commented that he thought my age was somewhere around my late 40’s. Oh dear! What a sad sight he made in all his pale nakedness trembling at my piercing stare. I was wearing a cream silk wrap around blouse with black leather wrap around skirt over vintage sheer nylon lingerie and black seamed stockings. I pushed him on his knees in a good position to begin some serious boot polishing but he was dreadful at this and needed a good deal of encouragement from the stingy end of my riding crop to his wobbly backside. “Is that the best you can do?” I asked. I was tired of looking at his face and wanted to create a Slave who would worship, adore and obey me totally. I dressed him up in rubber shirt, hood, gloves and pants. The scent of the rubber was really heady in the warmth of my Playroom. I then used silk scarves to secure him to the bondage chair and gagged him with a pair of my newly worn silky knickers. I left the blindfold off so that he could get a really good view of what I was about to do.

I slowly peeled off my silk blouse, unfastened the leather skirt and showed him what a fabulous figure I had at 61 years of age. His eyes were bulging from their sockets as I teased him by running my fingers lightly up and down the seams of my stockings and pointed to my 6 metal clasp suspenders. My bullet bra was transparent and I leant forwards to show him what a fabulous cleavage I had. Then I suddenly spontaneously removed my bra, wriggled out of my knickers and slithered into the dark cool rubbery depths of my black latex evening dress. Wearing shoulder length leather opera gloves and fabulous high heel boots I felt a zillion dollars. Rubber slave was straining to escape from his silk bonds and mumbling through the panty gag. I put some appropriate music on and gyrated in front of him showing exactly how my bottom moves when clad in rubber. The Rubberist Rumba! What a tease I can be and how! I released him and removed the gag. All he could say was “Goddess”. I stood tall with hands on my hips and said “is that the best you can do?” “I got dressed up for you”. I wriggled and gyrated to the music and he crawled on all fours beneath the hem of my rubber dress gasping for breath and begging to be allowed to polish. I trampled him with my boots and stood tall above him in all my glorious rubber clad splendour. He really wasn’t worthy was he?

Madame Margi

Goddess of the North