Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 51


The Wicked Lady

Today is Sunday. I’m sure you all believe that a lady like me will be spending my Sunday afternoon doing very little apart from lounging around sipping champagne and eating grapes! As the old saying goes “there’s no rest for the wicked”!  Does this mean I truly am the “Wicked Lady”? You might well ask this question.  I cannot deny that my chosen lifestyle is rather unusual and of course today, Sunday, I am polishing my spurs, laundering my silk underwear, soaking my canes, pressing satin blouses and caressing my JJD tawse in preparation of packing my BDSM luggage to head north of the border into Edinburgh, Scotland. I would never dream of allowing my 24/7 slave “Tron” anywhere near me to assist me in this most important task which makes my adrenaline flow just knowing who will be seeing me wearing my Rago Corsellette. Oh the sheer joy of giving my latex ensemble a final spray of silicone to make it shine so much it reflects my smile and enhances my curves. Perhaps I should wear the leather waist clincher with it this time? I am packing, silks, satins, leathers, latex and fur. I have chosen the chamber music to compliment each individual session. My hair is newly styled and my nails freshly painted a deep glossy scarlet. I find it difficult to choose precisely which satin blouses, corsets and leather gloves to choose from. I can never travel light and why on earth should I when I have Tron to carry my bags and drive me to the station and Slave Caro to meet me at Waverley in Edinburgh.

Oh the joy of knowing that this time tomorrow I shall be unpacked and my red and black curtains and covers will have transformed the bare and basic basement into M Ms BDSM Base. I cannot resist playing a few tunes on the piano as soon as I open the door and this exercises my wrists and fingers in preparation for all the extreme spanking, caning and flogging I have organised. My first appointment is with my hairdresser. Not to flog him but for him to pamper my sleek dark hair, massage my scalp and share the latest hot gossip! He’s a real darling man who puts other hairstylists in the shade. This is the one and only time I let a man take control of me. Then it will be time to dress up in vintage silk lingerie, sheer nylon stockings and killer heels, satin gloves and velvet vintage cloak to welcome my first Portuguese Stocking Slave. No flogging, no caning, no spanking just me teasing tormenting and trampling and forcing endless foot and leg worship. Divine domination for any powerful lady don’t you agree?

I have a very busy day on Tuesday with Wilma my Satin Handmaiden in attendance followed by lunch then a new “pupil” to scold and discipline in my role as Head Mistress. An early night will follow to ensure I save my energy for the early arrival on Wednesday of my “Gladiator” who always brings some new home made lethal implement like a very heavy wooden table tennis bat which is brilliant for bringing a deep red glow to his very spankable botty! Gladiator is my only slave who can actually play the piano with sensitivity and gusto. I look forward so much to that session and musical interlude very much. Loyal Slave Caro will arrive at noon with a red rose and my lunch. I shall dress him up as my latex slave in hood, collar and latex pants with leather gloves. His favourite ensemble for me is always the classic white satin blouse, long leather skirt, wide belt knee boots and spurs leather gloves, but this time I have a surprise in store in more ways than one! The afternoon concludes after a long awaited return of one of my best nylon slaves who always brings me Valpolicella and dark chocolate. Thursday is my final day of sessions which begins early again with the return of  “naughty nephew” the “Dodger” who does all he can to be naughty so he can earn a good spanking over my lovely knees! The most unusual meeting of all is with “Sandy” for public humiliation and we shall be dressed up in all our finery of Tartans and feather trimmed bonnets, with leather fur and boots for me and with rustling ribbon trimmed petticoats for him this is going to be the session of the week I feel for originality and downright good fun! I have a new Fly Swish to take with me to ensure he curtseys correctly to everyone who serves us. Sarsonbutts will close the curtain on the week’s proceedings with another heavy strapping and caning session at 5 o’clock, then it’s time for a quick change into something more glamorous for dinner with Aunty Carolyn.

Time for “Tron” to put the kettle on now,while I watch Downtown Abbey. Don’t you just wish you were a fly on the wall in my house today everyone?

Madame Margi
The Wicked Lady