Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 52



I adore wearing leather. I already have a vast leather wardrobe of coats, jackets, trousers, skirts, tops, gloves, boots and shoes. I designed a vintage style evening dress in buttery soft black leather and had it made to measure for me with a stunning red satin lining by a specialist dressmaker in Fife. Most of my gloves are made to measure for me because I have very fine hands with long fingers and small wrists. I adore leather when it fits to perfection. When a skirt is cut well and designed beautifully it really clings to my hips and shows off my curves. The hem of a skirt can be from a short mini down to ankle length. My favourite leather outfitter is Lakeland which is only available in my area of the North West of England. The leather is of the best lamb nappa which is so soft and durable that these garments will last me for a lifetime. I have bought boots in Paris and Bologna but now prefer LK Bennet in Manchester and Edinburgh for fashionable style and perfect fit and of course high quality Italian leather. I even have a very fine leather handbag which I bought in Bologna over 7 years ago which is lined in bright red. My favourite colours are always red and black but a simple white silk blouse looks stunning worn with a classic tailored pencil skirt in black leather. I don’t feel dressed up without a pair of gloves and even have a pair trimmed with diamonds.

Wherever I go shopping I always dress up in a stunning leather outfit. I recently went to Southport with my slave Tron and it was such a beautiful bright sunny afternoon for me to strut along elegant Lord Street in my high heel boots, long leather skirt and fitted jacket. There was a chilly wind so I added a fox fur collar to keep me snug and my choice of gloves were lined with mohair. All heads turn and all eyes are upon me when I stride out in my leather outfits. Men and women stop me in the street and compliment me and enquire where I have bought my fabulous leathers. Of course I never reveal all of my secrets and just smile and say I have a private collection of my own. Anyone can buy leather but not everyone can truly wear leather like me. I was trained in Fashion and my love of clothes has never left me but actually grown.

I shall be spending a weekend in Munich and be photographed and filmed while looking at fabulous clothes through the ages and also fetish. I am going to Manchester today looking for a Biker Jacket and have already been dreaming of making a photo shoot of me sitting astride a Harley Davidson Bike wearing this jacket with skin tight leather jeans and my spike heel Dior boots. I do have “Hairy Biker” as one of my loyal slaves up in Edinburgh and will be tempted to “kidnap” him and “steal” his bike for a while when he visits me for domination in November. Meanwhile please enjoy the recent photos of me out shopping in leather in Lord Street Southport.

The Leather Queen of domination

Madame Margi