Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 54


Rejoice with me



How wonderful it is for me to be spanking my way throughout the festive season. There is nothing quite so satisfying for me than to be dressed up in fine silks and leathers with killer heels, spurs and fine elegant lingerie, waiting for one of my devoted “bottoms” to arrive at my home in Lancashire. I have decorated the Christmas tree in glittery balls of my favourite colours but the twinkle and shine comes from deep within me and not tinsel or lights on the tree. How stimulating my sessions have become. They are all truly memorable occasions of well organised time, in a sensually relaxing atmosphere with essential interruptions of cracks, whistles, rustles, gasps and sighs. My voice remains calm and seductively soothing while I take control of so many naked men of all ages. There is no need for me to shout out commands and indeed on many occasions I shall dominate for hours without uttering a single word.

I have learnt so much in recent years about so many, but mostly about my innermost self. The true essence of a memorable personal session is for me to be in total control from the very beginning. I can proudly say that I have never once let anyone down who travelled far to meet me. I never cease to be thrilled that a novice chooses me as his dominant lady. I rarely complain about any aspect of my chosen role but recently have been rather disappointed by so many who enthusiastically booked appointments with me only to let me down on the day. Good manners cost nothing and in my world they are essential. A true gentleman does not have to be a wealthy aristocrat but only to have respect for me and to allow himself to be moulded into the role of my personal devoted sub. If you have watched some of my live session movies you will recognise the ones who truly inspire me and allow my sadistic blood to flow through my veins. Indeed, after all this time I only have one truly devoted trustworthy slave who will never refuse me his time or attention. He never asks me for anything at all and gives everything he has to me, especially his subservient heart and soul. Watch me whip him and smile as he groans in pain. Watch me straddle him so seductively while he lies inert and lifeless as I ride his face joyfully, crushing his cheeks with my strong thighs. Watch carefully how tenderly he kisses my boots and we become one. Could you become a devoted true trustworthy slave for me in 2012? Think about this carefully because I shall take everything I need from you and more!

Meanwhile I invite you to enjoy my festive photographs. Enjoy yourselves whole heartedly throughout Christmas and welcome the New Year. Think of me always above you, in control, your superior to be obeyed and worshipped always.

Madame Margi