Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 55


My Diary 12th January 2012


Welcome to the New Year. January is the very best month for new beginnings and it is so refreshing for me to meet nervous novices and experienced newcomers to my private Whipping Base in Lancashire or to BDSM Basement in Edinburgh. I do seem to have become everyone’s favourite Strict Aunt and it really doesn’t matter what age my “naughty nephews” are. This week I had a young “nephew” in his late twenties and an older “boy” in his mid sixties. Both played their part very well and proved to have been extremely, lazy, untidy and cheeky boys who had been sent to “Strict Aunt” for good old fashioned discipline. I certainly do enjoy playing the role of Strict Aunt and there is nothing quite like having a grown man trembling before me being told to strip down to his shorts before I remove them and spank their bare bottom over my lovely knees. Some “naughty boys” deserve much more than a spanking. I have several domestic implements to use in such a situation. A wooden hairbrush leaves nasty bruises and makes my “nephews” howl in protest and a well worn rubber soled slipper also creates some temporary marks to show where Aunty has been! I have a good selection of belts, straps and paddles too. So take care when you are being naughty my “nephews” because “Aunty” has lessons for you to learn the hard way!

I do enjoy pushing limits as far as possible and sometimes this includes mine. When I return to Edinburgh in late January I intend to really stretch all of my devoted Scots and also to see many more leaving my BDSM Base with scarlet stripes, crimson botties and stinging palms. In addition I shall be wearing new leather clothes which look and smell divine. There is nothing quite like stepping into a pair of new high heel leather knee boots, zipping up a tightly fitting pencil skirt, pulling on a pair of hand made gloves and buttoning up an ankle length coat. This is the perfect elegant and powerful look for me when worn with a fine silk long sleeved blouse, wide brimmed hat and fur collar. Wherever I go heads turn around and people stop and stare to get a good look at me. Lucky Slave Tron escorts me on shopping trips and lunches as often as possible when in Lancashire and it is “Aunty Carolyn” who will be my elegantly dressed companion out and about in Edinburgh. Of course you all know that I adore spending my weekends in Paris with my own personal Parisian gentleman who delights in dining with me at top restaurants or linking my arm while we stroll along the tree lined boulevards.

Many of you have written to me enquiring about my New Year Resolutions so here they are for you:

Push my subs as far as possible to the very edge

Wear new stunning outfits for everyone

Visit Edinburgh at least every 6 weeks

Visit Dublin and London

Let me know your New Year Resolutions. I always approve of anyone who will actually attempt to improve themselves in any way possible. Life is too short and this is not a rehearsal so let us all pull together and make every second count in 2012.

Madame Margi