Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 58


My Diary at Easter from Paris 5 April 2012


I arrived in grey foggy cold Paris yesterday afternoon. Manchester was bright and sunny with a sprinkling of snow on the hills when I left my home so I dressed up according to the cooler weather. I wore my favourite colours of red and black. Red cloche hat, full length red cashmere coat, black leather knee boots and limited edition leather skirt and jacket by Lakeland. A deep red figure hugging polo neck kept me warm and shiny seamed tights by Wolford looked perfect. Not forgetting cashmere lined black leather gloves by Dents. I felt so elegant and attracted admiring glances and also compliments. Because I regard my apartment in Paris as my second home I always have many outfits here ensuring that when the weather changes, as it so often does on both sides of the channel I am always prepared and have a good selection of outfits for playing golf, shopping or dining out in fine restaurants.

I have been very busy with personal appointments while at home in Lancashire. It is so refreshing that newcomers contact me daily but I only invite a specially selected few. I really enjoyed the cheeky antics of my new “schoolboy” from Morecambe. My area has so many lovely seaside towns close by such as Southport and Blackpool where a good sense of humour is essential. I enjoy a challenge but really wasn’t expecting my new cheeky “schoolboy” to be challenging me from the outset. He was sheer perfection in role play and as I pulled him down over my knees and bared his bottie he was putting up a lot of protests and shouting his head off. I used one of my new positions and grasped his legs firmly with my strong thighs locking him firmly into position. Afterwards we enjoyed a chat and he promised to recommend me to his friend who is also seeking a new mature lady to take control of him.


I also have a very good sense of humour and I do believe that without this I would have opted out of my role years ago. I get some really dreadful insulting emails and telephone calls but can always give a direct sharp reply which immediately puts these creeps into their places. Sometimes I get really silly requests for outfits such as slippers and wool front buttoned cardigans! I know I am mature in years but never boring in my taste of outfits. I intend to continue to have the very finest of clothes in my wardrobe. When Slave Shamrock sent me a beautiful blue silk nightshirt and wanted to buy me a silk blouse but couldn’t find anything suitable in the shops I went online and ordered a stunning one myself so he could sponsor me for this. It truly is the most elegant and finely sewn cream silk blouse I have ever owned and immediately inspired me to wear it with tight riding pants or leather, boots and spurs, top hat and dotted veil and of course a fine pair of tight fitting leather gloves. My photo collection of me wearing this new blouse will truly take your breath away and of course this will be organised when I return home to “Maison Margi” after my Easter holiday. Meanwhile please feast your eyes on my recent photo albums of March.

Your stylish superior

Madame Margi