Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 59


Putting on the Style


As my birthday approaches I am feeling ever more powerful and in control as your true Duchess of Domination. I am certain that there is no other powerful Lady in England who commands service from so many slaves from abroad. This month alone I have been visited by Slaves from Scotland, Ireland and Australia. June will bring the personal attentions of my Danish Leather Slave and my Southern Toy Boys from a dozen cities south of Birmingham to the very tip of the southern coast. Of course all these Southern Slaves have to try extra hard to please me because anyone living south of my home territory is known as a Southern Softy. The further north my slaves travel from the harder they are to break down into tears at my feet. I wonder what Mr G of Oz will be like on his Strict Judicial session? You can’t live further south than Australia. He may prove to be a real challenge for my superior cp skills on his second visit to my home Whipping Base in Lancashire.

I know how to dress to look stylish elegant and powerful and also very feminine and sexy. What more could any Slave wish for? I adore wearing hats and have a very unusual collection of vintage and modern styles. In my opinion wearing a hat really sets off any of my outfits and puts me way above the rest. It was actually Slave Caro who encouraged me to wear stunning hats and gloves with my fabulous collection of clothes. Thank you so much for sharing your own sense of vintage and elegant style with me. I have a real passion for gloves and enjoy nothing more than to slap a disobedient Sissy across his face with the palm of my hand. Grasping his erection with my other hand will soon bring Sissy tears to his eyes. Oh the sheer pleasure of buttoning up a luxurious silk blouse given to me by my more adoring and devoted Slaves. I truly do feel so alluring when I am dressed up in the style you are accustomed and the reaction of my feminised slaves to my alluring silk and satin blouses clinging to my natural feminine curves allows me to take advantage of them and use them for my pleasure and amusement. No gain without pain is my motto so only a well spanked slave is allowed a glimpse of my stocking tops .

Fetishists for my collection of coats have been enjoying the very latest of my collection of photos featuring traditional trench coats. I have one by Dior which I lovely and crackly to wear and has a shiny silk lining. My other favourite is the classic cotton cream trench by Dannimac. I now await the delivery of a longed for PVC Mac. Wearing one of these coats to welcome me visiting personal Slaves always adds a certain mystery and I never reveal what I am wearing beneath my coat until my slave is stripped naked and secured. If you have been dreaming of me dominating you while wearing one of my coats please write to me immediately and share your vivid fantasy with others. My lucky 24/7 Slave Tron has ample opportunities to see me wearing my collection of stylish clothes and nothing thrills him more than when I wear an ankle length leather coat with silver satin lining over a tight pair of jodphurs. While I long ago announced that I had given up wearing PVC. You shall soon be feasting your eyes upon me wearing skin tight black PVC jeans. Worn with belted Dior raincoat, leather knee boots and gloves, silk blouse and top hat with dotted veil of course!

Madame Margi

Your Strict Lady of Style