Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 6



Yesterday's sessions were very different. My first client to arrive at 11:00 a.m. regularly visits Mistress Sister Hildegard who dresses as a nun and has a dungeon like a chapel for a realistic confession scenario. I am gradually introducing him to my vast number of alter ego's which go together with all the various scenarios I am so good at enacting realistically. Yesterday he was greeted by a furiously stern Dr Margaron in somber grey suit, glasses and black and white striped blouse. He was on time but I insisted he was late. He presented me with a bottle of expensive Italian wine and my full tribute in cash inside a lovely thank you card. "To Dr Margaron, a tribute to her skills", it read inside. I led him upstairs to my surgery and sat down to read his report from Dr Strictly who had referred him to me for examination and treatment for his sexual perversions! This could make another great movie scene. While I was speaking with him I pushed my high heeled foot into his very hard bulge in his pants and glared at him over my spectacles. I then undressed him slowly and provocatively before examining him intimately, making sure he felt how sharp my long scarlet nails were. The rest follows naturally with him reclining on my examination couch attached to the TENS unit. I left him blindfold and secured at wrists and ankles with rope to wait for Nurse Severe, who returned to face sit him while using the cock pump to test his skills in enduring erections! His heart rate increased, sweat was flowing from his brow and already breathless I controlled his breathing with my ample charms. Namely my scarlet panty covered bottom!



Generous applications of "creams and lotions" soothed and also excited him further! Finally it was Nurse Severe and not Dr Margaron who administered his medicine of golden showers directly from the spring after laying him on his back onto an outspread plastic sheet. The shower covered his upper chest, neck and face and left him more than refreshed but definitely not cured of his persistent addiction of peering up ladies skirts and wanking furiously! Dr Margaron will be writing to her patient advising of his next course of follow up treatments in due course.

The evening session was held in my schoolroom area for adult schoolboy Stevie who still had a lifelong crush on Math’s teacher Miss Goodall. Miss Goodall (alias Madame Margi) waited in her schoolroom to supervise Stevie's after school detention. He had been caught in the staff cloakroom peeping into the shower cubicle while she was washing her voluptuous naked body earlier that day. Stevie was only 15 years old (in fantasy but actually 44) sheepishly he knocked upon Miss Goodall's classroom door. He was the only pupil detained that evening. The school was empty and it was already dark outside. Miss Goodall spoke to him sternly but with a twinkle in her eye. Stevie was so embarrassed at being discovered in the staff shower room but also excited to be alone now with the teacher he wanked about every night under the bedcovers. Miss Goodall held a light springy cane and flexed it in her hands before him. She told him to undress to his undergarments. He was so aroused. She was so gorgeous when she was angry. He was lousy at Maths but very good at dropping his pencils to ensure he had a regular view up her split skirts to her stocking tops during Maths lessons. Miss Goodall began his punishments in a very teasing yet strict manner. His underpants were pulled down and she grabbed and squeezed his cock in her strong hand. "I am going to cane you" she said. Stevie hated the cane across his bottom. He was almost in tears now. "Oh please don't cane me Miss" he begged. "I am going to cane your cock young man" she said. "Put your hands behind your head and stop sniveling" said Miss Goodall. Facing him in front of a full length mirror standing up straight with his underpants around his ankles she squeezed and playfully tapped his already large erect cock with the upward curve. Standing with her legs apart and left hand on her hip she began to lightly tap upon his cock with her light springy cane. Dozens of times she caned him in this manner while also telling him what a dirty boy he was. Stevie was surprised to find that this type of caning was extremely exciting and his cock was dribbling furiously. Miss Goodall's deep blue eyes flashed and a wicked grin stretched across her face. If this boy was going to be of any use to her in future now was the time to begin his training. She forced him onto his knees before her while she sat upon her high backed chair and presented him with her high heeled court shoes for cleaning. Then he progressed to kissing and licking her long nylon covered legs and finally kissing her 6 suspender girdle. "Wow" thought Stevie. If this was punishment with Miss Goodall what would pleasure be like with this gorgeous strict woman of his youthful dreams? She finally sent him home to write a 2 page essay on what he would have liked to do if invited to shower with Miss Goodall in future after a firm over the knee spanking. Lying over her firm thighs was simply heaven for Stevie and once again his cock was dribbling all over her stocking tops. As he dressed himself and put on his cap before leaving she set him some arithmetic on the board. 1 + 1 = a very hot detention in Miss Goodall's classroom!


Madame Margi