Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 60


June was a most memorable month for me. I celebrated my birthday on the Fylde Coast on 1st June and returned to enjoy the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. I was inspired to have my own Diamond Jubilee sessions which offered 60 strokes of the cane. Of course 60 strokes are too many for most wimps but with my carefully aimed, evenly spaced strokes and a choice of 6 very different canes, I successfully carried out over a dozen such short sessions which brought tears and smiles to all who attended. For the brave at heart the 60 diamond strokes were added as an extra treat at the conclusion of extended sessions of 2 hours or more.

I am always thrilled to meet Slaves from overseas and Mr Croc returned to experience all of my bdsm skills with a particular passion for my sjambok and silk scarf bondage. He proved that age should never prevent anyone from discovering something new and his personal high level of endurance deserved a special Jubilee medal but he accepted 60 strokes of my cane instead. Seasonal torments have also been at the top of my agenda and with the revival of Nurse Severe taking control of strictly bondage sessions, the natural methods of medical procedures are proving to be alternately extremely hot, stingy, electrifying, vibrating and ice cool! Proving to be the most effective after a forced close shave for the ultimate in nakedness.

It will soon be the Summer holiday season and I shall be away for a short while myself. This first week in July is one of my busiest of the year when my loyal subjects will eagerly attend and it does seem that no distance is too far for those who are genuinely devoted. If you live in Ireland, Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales or London please remember how close I am to all forms of transport from Manchester. If my Sweetest Slave Mr Croc can fly from Sydney at the age of 83 then surely you are not too far away. I have recently met an adoring Leather Slave in Paris who was thrilled to be with me for a few hours while I enjoyed refreshments in a tea salon. I have many new additions to my leather wardrobe and you can look out for me in Paris, the Fylde Coast or City of Manchester during these Summer months, out shopping with one of my devoted Leather Slaves. My number one Slave at home is Tron who is the only Slave I trust to look after my home when I’m away and even to drive me to the airport to ensure I am always on time wherever in the world I may be.


Madame Margi

Your Strict Lady of Style