Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 61


My Diary 12 March 2013

From Dawn to Dusk on Winter days

March continues to give us snow freezing temperatures and howling winds to make us shiver and settle down by the fireside indoors dreaming of warmer brighter days. I adore our British winters with long dark evenings, crisp bright days and take advantage accordingly. I dress up in my leathers high heel boots and furs for glamour and style in addition to keep out the cold. My sessions indoors go on into the night with all rooms lit by seductive candles giving off mysterious shadows and sensual perfumes. These are the days when I session by the fireside. Bondage chair taking pride of place and whipping bench close to hand behind the kitchen door. Extended sessions will be led upstairs on collar and lead to follow my sharp heels and to crave to lick and kiss my thigh boots. The quiet stillness of my rear bedroom hides many secrets of torments, worship and spanking over my strong thighs. As my “bottoms” are spread-eagled onto the iron framed bed and secured by ankles and wrists, a gag of my soiled knickers makes any suggestions or protests impossible. Masking tape secures the gag, silk scarf covers their eyes. I now proceed to please myself and go ahead and begin the torments of ice, pin wheel, electrics and lightest of strokes by feather and furs.

How lucky my devoted bottoms are to be the centre of my attention for hours. They arrive at my door shivering and leave with a very warm glow, fulfilled perhaps or eager to return to take much more. My sessions in Edinburgh are very similar when I am at the cottage in the city. There really is nothing quite like a genuine domestic setting for me to actually become the Strict Aunt, Leather Goddess, Latex Queen or Strict Disciplinarian. I shall return to Edinburgh in late March and there I shall dress up in leathers, furs and tartans. Public humiliation is always such fun for me to enjoy and the bottom being humiliated to suffer and blush and cringe in my confident mature experienced hands. With my “nephew” dressed up in tartan and girly shoes, pretty frill necked blouse and full crinkly lacy ribbon trimmed petticoats anyone has ever seen it is up to me as his “Strict Aunt” to put on a convincing show of total domination and to command my “nephew” in petticoats to bow his head and curtsey in every shop we visit. He will polish my boots with a lace trimmed handkerchief in full view of any member of the staff or public. He will accompany me to afternoon tea at the Balmoral and stand obediently to attention , holding out his petticoats between handing me dainty pastries and pouring Earl Grey tea through a sieve into my tea cup.

I shall of course be taking my essential BDSM baggage with me to Edinburgh but I always keep my favourite tawse in my handbag just in case I should need to use it on the journey. There is nothing quite like using my JJD on the eager outstretched hands of my Slave in Tune and Saturday mornings never feel the same when I am back home in England without my Slave in Tune attending at 11 am sharp! Should I pack thigh boots or knee boots or severe lace up Oxfords? What shall I take to dress up my group of Sissies? It has been a very cold bitter winter but as the buds appear and snowdrops bow their heads my thoughts are always on my next journey abroad. I shall spend Easter in Paris and then as spring finally arrives I shall begin a longer journey to Australia to meet my very eldest devoted bottom of all. Mr Croc will be there to greet me in Sydney and to show me his adopted country. Should I take the sjambok or scorpion tailed whip or just buy a wide brimmed hat and extra large shades? The world truly is my oyster and I do enjoy living it to the full. Enjoy my latest photos and enjoy the warmth from my spanking, caning, paddles, straps and whips. It is my sole intention to warm you both inside and out no matter what the weather brings or where in the world I may be!

Madame Margi