Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 62


My Diary - July 2013

Birthday celebrations and constant irritations

I enjoyed my recent birthday in Paris and this time I travelled by train giving opportunities for my Southern Softies to meet me in London on my way to St Pancras station to board the Eurostar to Gare du Nord Paris, France. I have made this journey again on 7th July and after staying in Bordeaux for a few days and now enjoying the Pays Basque for my Summer holiday of beach, golf and fine dining.

Since returning from my trip to Sydney Australia I have held numerous personal one to one sessions in my home Whipping and BDSM Base in Chorley Lancashire. It is always so perfect when I have my favourite Slaves in attendance, those who are reliable and devoted and who I can push to the very edge of their limits. Not everyone is so reliable or eager to please me and it is with personal horror that I can report Martin of London as the rudest Slave of all to serve me in person this month.. He constantly harasses me with text messages requesting specific items of clothing to be worn by me during our sessions. I have told him that I am the TOP and he is the BOTTOM but after 3 sessions with me he still does not respect my decisions. Yesterday I caught him constantly touching his genitals beneath the fetish outfit I had dressed him up into. I slapped him whipped him and trampled and beat him to no avail. He then muttered some filthy request while holding his penis in both hands and I instantly ordered him to get out and dress and leave my premises. After 3 hours my patience was well and truly over stretched. My rules are. No sex. No hand relief. No intimate body worship. He remained in my bathroom for well over 10 minutes and I had to call upon my male chaperone to show him out. He walked through my door and shouted another obscenity directed towards myself. I will NOT be inviting this person to attend any more fetish sessions within my home and warn all other dominant ladies in the UK to watch out for this person.

The other 2 who have proved to be irritating to me are Gladiator who wished to show me stripes induced by “his Scottish Mistress”, Northern Toy Boy who offered to pay me a measly £40 for a 90 minute session and Nicolas of the Midlands who yet again has come up with a feeble excuse for not attending his overdue appointment with my cane.

At the other end of the scale my Viking, Sissy Daisy, and my True Leather Slave Tron were all totally obedient, giving me endless pleasures as I teased tormented and humiliated them. I have also received many personal gifts and pleasant cards from well wishers after my recent personal injury inflicted during the long journey home from Australia. I can now report that I am fully recovered and back to my usual vibrant self and hope that the new photos I am about to upload onto the galleries will prove this to you all. I invite you to continue to enjoy my galleries and also to write to me if you wish to purchase any of my DVDs.

Madame Margi