Preston and Manchester Mistress - Madame Margi - Diary - Page 63


My Diary 16 September 2013

Sissies and Slaves


I enjoy realistic role play with my various Sissies and Slaves. Strict Aunt always knows best when she has a “naughty nephew” to discipline and control. Sissies Rosey, Josey and Daisy all know how humiliating it can feel to be forced to dress up in pink sissy satin clothes with frilly underskirts and knickers to match. A tightly laced waist clincher holds in their tubby tummies and a pair of lace topped stockings and girly wig makes them feel very silly indeed. I do enjoy pulling down their frilly knickers and spanking them on their bare bottoms over my lovely knees. A rosy warm glow is guaranteed to make their Sissy tears flow!

My true Leather Slaves are devoted to serving me as their true Leather Goddess. Leather clothes are my passion and as soon as I am zipping up my high heel boots or lacing up the bustier, waist clincher or buttoning up gauntlets I feel 100% fabulous, glamorous, powerful and dominant. The scent of my lambskin leather skirts, hot pants, jeans and dresses invokes a unique leather trance. The shine on my boots is enhanced when my true Leather Slaves go to work eagerly with their tongues, licking and kissing to make them shine. Sharp heels dig into their nether regions and nipples become ultra tender when steel tipped heels tease and torment them for my amusement.

I have put future plans to travel to Edinburgh on hold for a while but have been enjoying travelling to London and Paris by train regularly. Should anyone already known to me wish to meet me either in Paris or London in the winter months for a domination session or lunch, they may do so by writing to me privately. So many of my devoted subs keep in regular contact and think nothing of taking a flight to Manchester from Copenhagen, Sydney or New York and I am always impressed and give these long distance Slaves my full attention for several hours, usually enjoying their company while off duty for a meal at my local restaurant.

It is Slave Tron who finds himself on duty as my chaperone, house slave and chauffeur on a weekly rota who is envied by all who meet me. He is the only Slave I choose to inflict my unique mark upon as you can see in my latest album in the membership section. Autumn winds are blowing and this will give me opportunities to dress up more lavishly for shopping trips to Manchester city with Glam Aunt Caro and also to arrange early evening sessions by candlelight. My latest DVD in the Art of MM series is now available to order from me direct and you can enjoy 4 new live videos in addition to a unique collection of full screen images by slide show set to music.

Meanwhile my errant “pupil” is due to arrive shortly for a good scolding, spanking, hand strapping and swift sharp caning.